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  1. They should pay the trash men better then. We call that "Lawn Decor" and are proud of it
  2. They dont show you whats on the outside though...
  3. Youre in luck then! Im no drunk, just a consumer of that champagne of beers. Enjoying some now actually. I dont want no part of that trash heap you call a program. I guess me calling you out means i wanna be green?
  4. More high life for me and wingt08 then! hopefully we can get something together
  5. Huge TC fan. I bleed purple. AND UT Orange! I wont set foot in that Cesspool they call a stadium. You are more than welcome to come up to the creek bank and drink some high life with me!
  6. My friend GWaver1 said you can feel the ghosts there. You actually can. They live in the past so much, those legends of that 92 state championship team still get recognized weekly. Cant touch that tradition!
  7. Thanks! I vote that place be condemned and nobody play there for those ghouls running around
  8. This is only one of the ghosts youll see there. Spooky place. Aviod it WB!
  9. High Life by the plastic cup! They had cigs but i dont know nobody that smokes the Marlboros. Bought several bags of red man from the softball team concession though
  10. Fellas...why dont yall all just come up to the Creek Bank and have a case or 2 of High Life with me? We can talk all the memories of yesteryear you want. My dislike of Wave land is like my dislike of democrats. But I like you 3
  11. https://www.hartsvillevidette.com/sports/trousdale-county-defeats-gallatin-20-14-in-tobacco-bowl-jamboree/ Ill just leave this here
  12. Those small DE guys have won 3 state championships in the last 15 years. And have made 11 deep runs in that time frame. Who cares if we dont play you guys? It would be awful to lose to little old TC. I never left my trailer by the way
  13. 89-58 (65 winning %) since 2006 with only 3 trips past the first round. Id say those were facts that prove mediocrity.
  14. Scary Waver threatening me! If you were a big boy youd beat people other than Lebanon and Coffee Co. Last account I had rings was rings. Dont you dare insult the dignity of the Starz network.
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