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  1. Putting the cart in front of the horse there G'Downer?
  2. Great point. Thats why they play for so many titles! Ask Gallatin too. They win games simply because of tradition.
  3. Everybodys "Super Bowl"?! Beat that chest a little harder if thats possible. You might make me believe you.
  4. We keep workin on getting the O together, and we will! TC is going to be hard to beat. D carries us in this one. Probably closer than some of you thing. 22-13 type game.
  5. When I have friends like you, all I think about is another High Life.
  6. I just cant imagine the Wave losing this one, unfortunately. Still will pull for a L. Just one of those weeks I guess
  7. Wonder if its adjustments or the overall being familiar with it. Either way, big W friday!
  8. Its Gameday up on the bank! I got a feeling Coach has got our boys ready! Take care of that ball and we will be fine. Hopefully the Gordonsville injury bug gets cleared up...but still hold those guys out tonight!
  9. Internet is a new thing in the trailer park i live in
  10. Be happy to have you. Just remember it may take a few stunners to keep me down
  11. In that case, your are still 1-1 against this little school in the last 10 years. Either way, you havent won my vote as elite
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