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  1. Man people get their feelings hurt so easily on CoachT...comical Chittum is best wrestler in Tennessee. His finals match was less than stellar. His injury timeouts may have cost him OW Whitworth certainly a worthy recipient. Total domination and an incredible career. Taylor won the toughest bracket and was a 4-timer. He didn’t look especially dominant in his wins. Petersen was as dominant as you could ask someone to be. He made it look too easy which may have hurt his chances. It was not as easy as he made it look. In fact, would love to know record for least amount of time on mat. Petersen was my pick for OW
  2. Did you watch his finals match?
  3. Show us where the TSSAA was clear. If they were clear, post the e-mail you received discussing the timeline or direct us to the information that was distributed clarifying timelines. What was clearly posted was there were no tickets sold to the public so why would there be a timeline. It is my guess there will be more than 14 McCallie fans in attendance.
  4. Interesting the Greenville coach was sending out info to families 1 week before Regionals started. Good for him. Communication is the key to success. If the tickets sold out in 5 minutes there is no reason to open up Gofan to the public 5 days before the tournament started. TSSAA owns some of the responsibility here. This was a good idea that was poorly executed and now there are parents that don’t get to see there kid wrestle. Black eye on coaches and the TSSAA
  5. Depends on what the award means: Best Career: Whitworth/Taylor - it should be based on this but it’s not Best Season: Petersen - not even close Best Tournament: whoever dominates their bracket - will be Petersen
  6. 106 - Hartline 113 - Corday 120 - Roller 126 - Bond 132 - Dalrymple 138 - Ivy 145 - Dendy 152 - Taylor (4-TIMER) 160 - Bowers (Had to pick 1 upset) 170 - Whitworth - (5-TIMER) 182 - Garriques 195 - Harper 220 - Wells - (Wells vs Billingsly = BEST MATCH) 285 - Petersen - OW - (will wrestle less than 90 seconds) TEAM: 1) Baylor 2) CB 3) Father Ryan 4) McCallie
  7. It's tough this year with so few matches wrestled. Great list though
  8. I thought I would get a new DII wrestling thread going. There are some GREAT DII wrestlers out there and would love to develop some heated discussion around this topic. 1) Alex Whitworth - McCallie - 160 Arguably most dominant wrestler in TN over last several years 2) David Harper - Baylor - 195 All-American and rated high Nationally 3) James Howard - McCallie - 285 TREMENDOUS athleticism for a HWT, DI Football talent, rated high Nationally 4) Parker Petersen - Father Ryan - 285 2-Time Finalist (170, 195), NHSCA AA, has been great at 3 weight classes 5) Emory Taylor - McCallie - 138 3x champ, DI wrestler, National Prep AA, bad losses in National tourneys 6) Gavin Cagle - McCallie - 170 2x champ, DI wrestler, lost to lesser wrestler last season or he would be higher 7) Garrison Dendy - Baylor - 138 * DI talent, couple of tough losses in Florida this season 8) Dayne Dalrymple - Christian Brothers - 120 Great talent, lost this season or would be higher 9) Jackson Bond - Baylor - 113 * Potential to be one of the greats in the state 10) Aiden Bowers - Christian Brothers - 138 * Will be DI wrestler, bad loss, to good wrestler, in finals at Mater Dei this year or would be higher
  9. Marchetti got caught this weekend. Region duals they wrestled very close (9-7 I believe) and Marchetti was in it to the end. Marchetti majored Barnes at State duals. So it should be Marchetti vs. Anthony in the finals and I believe Marchetti has the ability to pull an upset. Honestly, of all the weights, I think this is the only viable upset.
  10. HWT: Ryan Jackson (II) Sr vs. James Howard (II) Fr - Jackson gave Gore all he wanted in the State finals last year. James Howard is a Freshman phenom that made some serious noise in Fargo. I think early edge would go to Jackson because of age. Likely won't see this match-up until the State finals. 220: Al Wooten (II) Sr vs. Skylar Coffey (AAA) Sr. - These are 2 certifiable beasts. Arguably the 2 most physically impressive wrestlers in the state. The edge goes to Coffey with his placement at NHSCA in the spring. Not sure if these 2 will meet this season but would be a great match to watch. If you haven't seen it, go look at Coffey on Twitter squatting well over 500 pounds Coffey (AAA) Sr. vs. Parker Petersen (II) Jr. - This has the potential to be a great in season match-up. Word is Petersen is wrestling 195 but he looks much bigger than that. He presents a stylistic challenge for Coffey with his length. Petersen doesn't back down from anyone and this may shock Coffey Petersen wrestled 220 at Junior duals and was very competitive against some of the better kids. Coach Simpson likes to wrestle kids up so don't be surprised if you see this match a couple of times this season. Edge goes to Coffey with his GROWN MAN strength. 195: Parker Petersen (II) Jr. vs. David Harper (II) So. - This may be one of the more anticipated rivalry matches of the season. Both are in the mix Nationally at 195. Personally this is one of the can't miss matches this season for the big guys. I give the early edge to Harper because he has been wrestling during football season. Petersen will spoil his bid to become a 4-timer in the State finals. Ashton Davis (AAA) So. vs. Petersen (II) Jr. - Tennessee has some good, nationally ranked kids at the heavier weights. This will be an early season match that will effect FloWrestling's BigBoard at 195. These 2 will wrestle very early in the season. Davis is a Fargo AA but I believe Petersen's style will present a challenge. I think Davis has the edge here Ashton Davis (AAA) So. vs. David Harper (II) So - Another can't miss early season match. This comes down to very similar wrestlers with an excellent skill level at a young age. Harper handles Davis in their early season match. 182: Brooks Sacharczyk (AAA) Sr. vs. Connor Duffey (II) Sr. - I'm not sure if this match will happen but having watched the 2 of them wrestle it would be a good one. Antcliffe handled both of them last year by about the same score. Antcliffe is on to college. These 2 will easily handle the rest of the state at 182 Connor Duffey (II) Sr. vs. Gavin Cagle (II) Jr - This could be the match of the season at 182 if Cagle bumps up. I think Cagle's strength and aggressiveness take Duffy down. If McCallie wants to beat Baylor this season, they need Cagle to be at 182. My prediction is that Cagle wins by fall early in the season and it's a little closer at State dual tourney. Duffey appeared to be out of shape early in the season last year. He definitely picked it up later in the year. He is on the fringe of being ranked nationally.
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