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  1. Stone has the talent to win easily. Not sure they have the discipline to win though. Sad.
  2. Kids cussing nonstop, turning on each other, turning on coaches. talking to parents on the sideline during a timeout. Nothing done about any of it.
  3. Stone has issues. Sideline was a mess fri night.
  4. Depends how strong Uppermans secondary is. Second would be how disciplined Stone can be during the game.
  5. Stone wins, could be close but probably not.
  6. Looked slow, and nobody that was dangerous. seemed to play well within the system for what they got. Neither team was impressive.
  7. Yeah he was one they hired from outside but then the same staff is here. I agree though rap is solid
  8. Most around here would rather their kids went to cchs. Athletic culture is just awful there though. Stone was not afraid to hire from outside the county and built a better athletic culture over there.
  9. Seems to be thriving on one side. We can hope in one hand and crap in the other... lol. Stone has an actual QB now from what I've seen. This game will be over quick. Wish I could have more confidence. We did play competitive games with Scott and Bledsoe and hope to be competitive with Pickett and Sequoya. We might need to look into going independent like White county did till we build back.
  10. Boys play tonight that is true.
  11. How on earth did upperman lose to spring hill?
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