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  1. Would be interesting to know who all applied for it.
  2. 1. He knows how to speak to a crowd 2. Resume is questionable 3. Seems like maybe the hire was more about getting his son to Clinton for the future of the program 4. Seems to be a good guy 5. Not much talent to work with regardless of what kind of coach he is.
  3. If a big name coach comes along with a lot of success as a head coach already, I would have to think they would give him a serious look.
  4. What’s the coaching rumors going around at Central right now for a new coach?
  5. All 5A football coaches are jumping with joy right now I am sure.
  6. It will be interesting to see who all applies for this job.
  7. The new coach is already about to get us in trouble smh.This all sounded pretty suspicious to me in the first place.
  8. Not sure what players you think he’s gonna bring in with him from KY besides his son. It’s not like we are a very attracting place to come play football at right now. The community and administration has been the problem for the longest time and any decent coach we get the administration and community runs him out of town. Our biggest problem lately is Collette and little man Snider. Both guys are pushovers and just wanna please the parents. The funniest thing that stuck out to me last night was hearing the coach talk about how the stands are always packed. Not sure what games he’s been watching or who he’s talking to but our community completely turns on our team once they start losing. Everyone treated Randy like gold when he first got the job, we will see how long it takes for them to turn on the new coach. Sorry to be negative but I’m over it all. But I do agree it’s time to have our coaches back and step up as a community bc maybe we’ve been a lot of the problem .
  9. I’m anxious to see what he does staff wise. I am wondering if he’s going to clean house and bring in a totally new staff.
  10. Time will tell but like I’ve said many of times, it doesn’t matter who the coach is if we don’t have the talent to win.
  11. From listening to the knew coach yesterday, I feel like he can definitely light up a room when he speaks and seems like a good person. I am very concerned with his actual coaching experience overall and I think this hire was more about his son.
  12. If this is true he probably made the right decision. Clinton is just a very hard place to be successful at.
  13. Yeah that won’t happen anytime soon . It’s kind of hard to bring kids in when the visitors side has for fans than us at home games.
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