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  1. You don’t give up 103 points at Milan in two games and keep your job. Period. And if you condone that behavior you’re not very smart. They had an easy road to the ship last year. Medina and Pearl Cohn.
  2. U can DM me and we’ll talk ab it all u want to!!!
  3. Sad really. Big purple is like captain philips. Diffee will jump off but he’ll stay on.
  4. What’s funny is 3 of them said differently. Don’t know why your in love with him. If Covington hadn’t forfeited and pearl Cohn could line up, there wouldn’t be much to talk about. You think you know it all but have no sources.
  5. You’re not very smart. G scott hired teddy right? And fired him. Then hires diffee at NORTH panola, not SOUTH. ( Where they were actually a force). It’s sad for the kids. If you think for one minute Milan is ok being 1-4 you’ve lost it. People pay every month for that stadium. And each has the right to say what they feel about it. Call me what you want but I played there many of nights. Doesn’t look like a Milan team to me and it ain’t the players!!!
  6. What’s sad is Anthony brown doesn’t touch the football and he’s signed to the SEC.
  7. Are the taxpayers of Milan ok with their new stadium? Yeah: did they need turf? No. are they ok w g scott botching two coaching hires? Negative. 600 yards rushing against Milan is UNHEARD OF. Embarrassing. Next.
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