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  1. Chuckey Doak couldn’t stop him I’d give it to him 100 times!!! CD took to long to get going on offense GP made less mistakes. Congratulations GP good luck next week
  2. Yep believe y’all a going to pull away
  3. Same Alcoa is ridiculously good but y’all played good with them for a half.
  4. I’ve watched some game GP games on YouTube I think CD can win but GP has the size and and 7 is an athlete QBs very good to
  5. If your comparing Greeneville food to Gatlingburg you better eat before they have some good BBQ at the Concession stand
  6. CD didn’t lose hardly any skill players from last year. Give GP a pretty good game in the first round I may be wrong but this team might surprise people
  7. Yea I feel the whole bracket is pretty even other than Alcoa.
  8. Chuckey-Doaks new head coach has done an amazing job. New offense and defense and I feel the boys believe in the system
  9. 3 pretty good teams and yea Johnson county is pretty bad. But I feel everyone is easy for Alcoa.
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