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  1. Greeneville needs an offensive mind it is really sad at the athletes on that team yet the run the read option 75% of the time. You can do that against teams that you out athlete but not in the 4th round! He's got to be the most vanilla coach ever.
  2. I'm going to have to go with CD with this one. on the skill side, I think they are about even may give CD a slight edge. On the line I think CD has a edge SG is physically but so we will see should be fun!
  3. I agree 6A football is a different beast. That being said he made some great calls at Chuckey-Doak but was also loaded with talent. As you said give him time and I think he will be a good coach for you guys hated to see him leave CD
  4. South Greene is a good 2A but 5A I'm thinking Crockett is bad
  5. Final 54-18 Go Black Knights! Was a little nervous early just watched the score tracker
  6. Wow... Looks like a long season for Ole David Crockett. South Greene is definitely fired up now
  7. Was going to watch the game but man south Greene only has bleachers on one side and IDK how DC travels but it's definitely going to be packed
  8. I was thinking about making a drive to watch it any opinions
  9. CD defense definitely needs to clean up hopefully they prove me wrong but I'm not sure about the D we will see Friday I guess
  10. I think CD has the better athletes but I'm very disappointed in the defense. On the offense, they were off-key from the snap. That being said if CD cleans up should be an easy win in my opinion. I'm going to say CD 49-Unaka 28
  11. For CD they better figure out how to stop someone on D. Offensive side they should be very good but 4h systems in 4 years has hurt them bad
  12. I'd actually love to see NG get a county win! I think they can put the upset but WG has my favor.
  13. I’m from CD myself trying to keep up the best I can with each team in Greeneville Green County. Score prediction WG35-NG21
  14. Idk if I pick North Greene. But they have potential to make it a game. Tilson has definitely given them some confidence. Looked pretty good against south Greene at times in the jamboree but to many mistakes
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