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  1. Matmatics


    Rule is cannot have competed in a TSSAA sanctioned sport year prior. So no one that competes at state should be allowed to transfer without sitting out a year. Baylor doesn’t show interest to unproven commodities-because Baylor doesn’t develop talent. The F/G argument is smoke and mirrors to distract from the fact they are recruiting folkstyle state title winners. Make a Baylor rule-they can transfer to Baylor and get in the room and travel out of state (that’s what the parents and kid are there for) but the kid sits out state duals and individuals.
  2. Matmatics


    Well there is a rule about not having competed in a TSSAA sanctioned event the year prior. They don’t develop any varsity level kids in their middle school or club team they go get them after they win state titles and place at national tournaments. If the parents want their kid to take advantage of the national travel with the team TSSAA needs to develop a rule allowing them to do that but mandate they sit out the state title if they competed for a high school state title in TN. TSSAA isn’t keeping up with the times on boarding school wrestling or NIL much like the NCAA isn’t adapting to the portal and NIL at the speed needed to even the playing field.
  3. Matmatics


    Once again Baylor wrestling gets to by pass every rule on recruiting for athletic purposes and prior contact between coaching staff with athlete.
  4. Y’all are the ones that keep yapping. If I don’t reply y’all act like I’m scared to and if I do y’all act like I’m saying too much.
  5. You’re funny. I didn’t know about any appeals when I posted that he had misrepresented the truth (since you are so triggered by the word liar over there in Marion county) my beef wasn’t with him playing or y’all recruiting or not recruiting. Saw a news article with untruths (another good adjective) and wanted to set the record straight. I assumed from the article that he was eligible already. I didn’t even think y’all recruited him more like he went searching for someone to take him since his cleats are no good in Georgia and then lied (oops) to get someone to pay him. Go ahead and be his benefactor. He will leave that place in December and never look back. He’s not going to send y’all crap back from Auburn it’s all going to the girlfriend lol. Go ahead and retire his jersey while you’re at it-you didn’t train him or coach him up but go ahead and take the credit for Romes work.
  6. I’m here. Don’t care about him playing just wish he had saved the made up stuff for the sealed hardship papers and left it out of the media. His mama wasn’t paid and he didn’t run away bc of abuse or neglect he ran away to be with a girl that did some pretty shady stuff and messed with his bama offer. Y’all do know that stuff on phones can be manipulated right? If you really care about helping him get him a new girl. It will be hard since word is they are living together. She has done some really bad stuff to keep her claws in him. Best case for him would be that she isn’t also going to Auburn this spring.
  7. I heard he is living with the girlfriend assumed Dalton where she cheers and her brothers play ball but I guess he and she are living in Marion County.
  8. Why don’t you enlighten us all. What is this supposed abuse and neglect he suffered? If his life was so bad why’d he up and leave his two younger brothers behind? You must be related to that girlfriend of his.
  9. I am from that area of Georgia and live in TN now and have no dog in the hunt as far as caring if he plays or doesn’t or if his addition to the SP teams means they win a championship. I followed his story when he was appealing eligibility and know that saying his mom got paid by a school is not true and that he is homeless by choice not because of any hardship other than he wasn’t going to be allowed to see a girl from Dalton or play ball. Last I heard he lives with the girlfriend and her family on Dalton and I don’t know how he is paying his way or cell phone and whatnot. He is definitely making some immature decisions that can have life long consequences.
  10. There’s not actually. He was playing at Rome. Rome had three instances where guns were brought to school and his mom has three boys and wanted to move. The family made a bona fide move and enrolled at Calhoun. He wanted to play in Dalton where his girlfriend lives so he ran away and skipped school but he was still 17 so the police returned him home. When he turned 18 he walked out and went to live with his girlfriends family. Don’t know how he ended up in TN at SP. Not making any case about his eligibility either. My issue is him going to the newspaper and making up some hardship story bad mouthing a good mom and implying a good school paid her off.
  11. His brother and mom live in Calhoun where they are enrolled in school. His mom didn’t take any move in money. It’s terrible he would put that out there and slander her.
  12. Nope just think the rules should apply to everyone even if they have a D1 offer and especially if they manipulate a story to get sympathy
  13. He doesn’t live with his family. His family lives in Calhoun where his brothers are enrolled in school.
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