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  1. am sorry, but I don't know whats exactly whats ur email address or how to get it. would u please post it on here or tell me how to get it?
  2. I have an account that i would like to delete, what can i do?
  3. Figo10

    stephen morrisey

    Wow! Good for him. I think he goes to school at BGA.
  4. Eddie Yah goal against Maryville was a good one. The ball came crossing from the right and he deliver it fast with a side bicycle kick.
  5. Figo10


    I think it is an upset.
  6. Morristown West came and played very well. They got in the lead about 10 minute in the game and kept defending their goal until half time. In the second half, Eddie barught SH back with a goal. The Fight continue until about 3 minutes left when SH give up another goal scored by a SH player. Both teams played a good game.
  7. @ Science Hill Its gonna be closer than people expect, but I don't think SH is taking any team lightly at this moment.
  8. Figo10


    Cause Brentwood W-L-T currently looks better than Hendersonville. again, I said something like that, so am not been exact.
  9. Figo10


    Something like this: 1- Brentwood 2- Hendersonville 3- Tullahoma 4- McMinn Co. 5- Oakridge 6- Blackman 7- Bearden 8- Greenville 9- Rossview 10- Gtown Houston 11- Farragut
  10. Figo10

    Sweet 16

    Interesting thread. It's sad that one of these 2 teams season will be ending as soon as tomorrow. do teams get put off the rank immediately after been put out of the race?
  11. Am not sure how the schedule look like, but I know CAK and FRA wil be the top two.
  12. Sullivan South @ Greenville Region 1: Morristown West @ Science Hill
  13. The first time we beat Mo town west, I didn't notice much but I think he did make some good saves and I wouldn't doubt that he is an excellent goalie. I am looking foward to seeing how good he is on tuesday when we host them in the region semi-final.
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