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  1. Just let it go. Blackman is getting "hated on" because of what has happened in the past too, not just this game. As for the game, congratulations to Cookeville.
  2. Nothing is easy in the World Cup and Holland is a very good team, do not count them out. A lot of what could help America is that many players do play MLS and will be in the middle of their season, which no other real power can say (maybe Brazil or Argentina, not sure when their leagues play). Also wouldn't say all that about Arena. USA will not surprise anyone like they did in 2002 and better play than they have been in the past couple of games. Everyone must contribute and McBride better prove to be the top scorer everyone thinks he is. I think we need another World Cup or two before we can seriously think about winning it. We can play with every team and beat most, but need to fill our bench with stars first. Teams like Brazil, Argentina, and others can lose a player, replace him, and see almost no drop off. Only until this happens can we win the cup.
  3. I agree that USA is not getting much love, but they never do. "Go Home Yankees" ring a bell with anyone. The game with the Czechs is very important. If a team loses they might not advance, if they win you most likely will get first. However, a tie is great for both teams. However, don't forget about Italy that traditionaly plays very well in the World Cup (USA has never beaten them that I know of). Also, as for Ghana be ranked 50 i think, they are from Africa and very few people know much about them, as games are not on TV and the score of a game is often only known by the people that attended. One thing I promise you is that they will be fast and quite capable of running with the athletic American team and most likely outrun Czech and Italy.
  4. I agree with parts of both of ya'll. Most A/AA teams compared to the AAA teams do not compared. However, the top A/AA teams are not "breathers", in fact if we go there to play CAK, Notre Dame, or Knox Catholic: I'm thinking dang this is going to be a tough game, we better be ready to play right from the first whistle. However, with A/AA public schools most, if not all (I don't know about the west) are consider "breathers" by a lot of players on AAA teams. There usually teams right outside where you are and to be completely honest have only 2 or possibly 3 good players.
  5. Some play roller hockey in the complex by taking off the green carpet. This helps easethe burden, but really you need an ownerthat is committed to keeping one open regardless of profit/lack of profit for any given year.
  6. mjuhb are those central or eastern or other times for the games Hopefully usa and brazil both get first or both get second in thier groups.
  7. play2live

    Farragut @ CAK

    This is very common with the public schools having the better athletic individuals, but private schools having the better soccer team. However, don't forget that athleticism can counter the difference in team play. I'll say 2-2.
  8. A lot of my picks are due to who is playing good now, who is at home, and most importantly the seedings. Oak Ridge is first in their district and DB gets to play at home if they see Sullivan South. Also Lavergne and Gallatin could go either way, but Gallatin will have home field in the semis.
  9. My guess would be Houston over Brentwood and the game your waiting for is the conclusion of the Houston Tournament (Bearden vs. Houston). Question for you though, what happened to Rossview? They got killed in all three games according to EurosportScoreboard. I thought they were suppose to be amongst the top teams in AAA.
  10. First team listed would be the home team. These are my predictions for district finals in AAA. 1-- Science Hill vs. D.B. 2-- Morristown West vs. Jefferson Co. 3-- Oak Ridge vs. Knox West 4-- Farragut vs. Bearden 5-- McMinn County vs. Cleveland 6-- Ooltewah vs. Soddy Daisy 7-- Riverdale vs. Blackman 8-- Shelbyville Central vs. Tullahoma 9-- Gallatin vs. Hendersonville 10-- Clarksville vs. Rossview 11-- Brentwood vs. Ravenwood 12-- Antioch vs. McGavock 13-- Is There anyone in this district? 14-- Millington Central vs. Cordova 15-- Houston vs. Collierville 16-- Kingsbury vs. Memphis Central
  11. Any details? Pretty lopsided score.
  12. I agree with frommy, there is nothing wrong with saying innocent things like this. Whether they are from a student/parent/teacher/etc. (only exceptions are the SOR officer and principals). If this was it you have no reason to complain that is part of playing away...I couldn't tell you all the things that have been said to me throughout the years. I do agree that High School is much worse than Club, but you have to ignore everything off the feild and control what you can. The BEST way to SHUT people UP is to SCORE or make A HUGE DEFENSIVE PLAY.
  13. If fans are talking directly to you in a negative way, all you have to do is get your captain to tell the ref and if he hears something that warrants it, he can kick that individual or individuals out or the sporting area. This is high school, not the pros. Look at the differences and then you should realize what a rediculous comparison that is to make. Also, FIFA is starting to seriously crack down on "speaking incidents" (racism).
  14. In the day where one in ten people are lawyers, you cannot say that one student can break the rules because he is an exceptional student and set himself up to only take 2 classes if they want and another student took more electives and have to finish his core classes to graduate (such as medical classes, but is on the college prep path). That would be "discrimination" and a good lawyer would win the case. A rule must be uniform and fair to all. That is similar to a coach coming in Tennesse and practicing his players all year, and then finding out that it was against the rules when the season started to begin, is that still fair? Whether the extra class would have made a difference or not is not the point. TSSAA has rules and regulations that they must follow. By the way, I only needed a class and a half to graduate, but am enrolled in more that those classes. Question: Does TSSAA allow students to take a couple high school classes and then a couple college classes? (2 high school and then 2 college)
  15. The biggest difference between Hendersonville and Brentwood is that Lowder can hit one from far out, while Hendersonville doesn't have anyone capable of it. Lavergne better make sure he doesn't get a shot. This game will not be scoreless.
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