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  1. Don't jump me for this either but "DUMB MOMS" like you have no business asking questions like that on this forum. Go talk to Calvin about it even if you want to know so bad that would post it on a website that can be viewed by anyone... you and those questions dont belong on here.
  2. its a forum not an essay for a teacher. but the sports bar idea sounds like a plan
  3. if theyre not strong in goal thats not good with two strikers like D'burgs
  4. hey man yal give me a call me and adam will be there 731-336-1478 and are probably going by laser quest on 2nd street earlier in the day to get some extreme laser tag in
  5. Someone should bring some of those small portable nets and we get some pre-game streetball going on in the parking lot
  6. 10 or so of us from Henry County going. not sure where were sitting but ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!
  7. I really dont remember zach being that fast in club last year but watchin him play highschool this year he must have worked at it or something.
  8. I was just wondering how all district players are picked etc. Only me and our goalie made it from our team and Adam Meholic #5 and Jake Vanderburg#3 are probably two of the best players in our district and did not make it.
  9. Nick may not have a problem with them but i have a problem with those making remarks about my boy. YES martin beat you in semi's of BOW and YES your team is capable of great things but all that i have seen so far is kick the ball up and let speedy zach try and get 40+ goals. Im contradicting myself pretty much though becuz you guys have an X-basketball coach as your coach. If you had someone like Gavin or CL you could be disciplined and flat out sick.BUT you dont, let the past go and who is coaching who go, worry about Northside and whats coming after that cuz you guys can go far. My season is over and I am very upset about it. Things such as coaches on other teams should be the least of anyone's worries. All of yal have talented squads and should be thankful for that. Try having 3 Seniors 1 Junior 2 sophmores and 13 freshmen. It's very late.... good luck to all teams, i am probably the one keeping the gaving issue alive more than anyone and this is my end to it but i hope to see some of yal in club over the next year. Any west tn select guys will prolly understand what was going on with me when i wrote this if it doesn't make much sense yal know how we roll down in P*Town. Have a great night and a better tomorrow
  10. In all honesty.....quit being a hater dude. Yal know yal got stuck with some X-football coach as your highschool coach hence why he definately wasn't your club coach and Gavin is my boy so stfu mate k thx gg.
  11. Same thing goes with like computer lan centers for online gaming. I play a lot of online games like counterstrike:source,wow,etc and the lan center in the boro just closed down. Why is it so hard to new things like this and keep them running?
  12. i played right before highschool started. probably the funnest soccer i have ever played. I would like to open one of my own but i bet it is exspensive to put something like that together and keep it running.
  13. How did clarksville high lose to them 0-1 but springfield tied them 4-4? just wondering we play springfield again this monday for districs and if we win then we play clarksville
  14. did anyone play in any of the indoor leagues in mayfield before highschool started? www.expoindoor.net is the link i think was j/w
  15. i had just heard they were losing the goaly from one of westview's parents but plans may have changed. Nick text me sometime soon i lost your # and ill give a ya call next time i plan on comin up. just got my new suv today
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