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  1. 10-1 bartlett 2-1 arlington Go region 7
  2. bartlett beat brighton 4-1 for the region 7 championship
  3. well houston has been our hardest match by far but we have ecs on wednesday and that one should be the biggest challenge of the season
  4. it will come down to either my team bartlett(still undefeated) or white station
  5. kc griffin who got to the state semifinals last year as a sophmore bret tallifero spencer person me kevin brower lee person and austin (forgot his last name) basically we are a bunch of nobodies except for kc but we are still great players that just dont play in tournaments and we should have a representative in both the individual and double state tournament this year
  6. well we have beaten munford, craigmont, raligh egypt, bolton, cordova, and houston was the best one that we won and our team should repeat as district and regional champs with a chance to go to state against white station.
  7. bartlett will be great again next year with alot of experience coming in from our junior varsity who only lost 2 games
  8. i dont know if brentwood is any good but white station should not be underestimated espically not anyone that makes the state tournament
  9. white station beat us 4-1 with kc griffin being the only winner
  10. bartlett won 10-0 in 5 innings it was a great game for my panthers
  11. i am on bartlett's team number 3 by the way, and we beat hardin county 4-0 in the regionals and have white station on friday which is going to be a very hard match and as for who we have we have Kc Griffin who finished like 14 in the state last year
  12. bartlett beats cordova 4-0 guys and 4-3 girls in the 14 aaa championships
  13. well here is a update on my team the guys are 12-2 with the losses to houston and ecs and the girls are 11-3 with losses to harding munford and houston and we start the district 14 tournament on tuesday
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