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  1. I'm here. Haven't been on here much. I keep up with Waverly but live too far away now. I miss calling games and have had many tell me they wished I still did it. I made it exciting and I was a big Homer. Lol
  2. Ok, so someone called me and told me that you had mentioned me wanting me to respond. Alex gets a little excited sometimes and his comments aren't really meant to demean anyone even though that did look that way, he just wants to be a part of the discussion and his passion and love for football, causes him to word things wrong sometime. Having known Alex for a while, I know he would not want to cause harm or hurt to anyone. I don't live in the Waverly area any more but I did graduate from there and broadcast the games on the radio for several years before moving. I'm good friends with "Flash" from Camden and I think you guys in Camden have a great program going and it is great to see Waverly back to where they used to be years ago. Having said that, there is a reason they play the games because common opponents don't necessarily determine the outcome. Here's hoping that Camden and Waverly win their games this week. Hope for an injury free game for all teams.
  3. My point is, "Why even say those things?" Why down play a young man who has a heart as big as his body. Yes, I know he gets on your nerves with his comments. My point is it isn't serving any purpose to tear this young man down. If you knew him personally you would understand him. This forum is not here to tear down people. Really don't see your point to me. My post is about Alex being a fine young man who played with a lot of heart. I'm saying, leave this young man alone and quit tearing him down. This would be considered bullying.
  4. Great! I would love to see him wear orange in a couple years. Good luck to that young man and to Camden.
  5. Ease up on Alex. He is just enthusiastic for his team. He did play at Waverly and was a very good player too. Played with as much heart as anyone I've ever seen.
  6. I don't know who you are, but while Alex lacked size, he never lacked heart. I will say this too. I have never ever seen anyone play as hard as Alex in high school and I've seen many young men play as I'm 57 years old and when I lived in Waverly I broadcast the football and basketball games on the radio. I believe he could have played on any team in the District. Sure Alex likes to talk, but he loves his high school and team whether they won 10 or 4. It is sad that you have attacked a young man who has nothing but love for people. This is a football thread not a character thread where we attack someone behind a keyboard. You sir ought to be ashamed of himself. I'm glad I can call Alex my friend. You sir should get to know Alex and I think you would see what a nice young man he is. You owe him an apology.
  7. How is this kid academically? Is he getting any serious looks?
  8. You may have us in basketball but your football isnt any larger
  9. Upsets happen. Turnovers change outcomes. The better team doesn't always win and in this case, it didn't. Keep your heads up Tigers, no. 1 in District is still in your reach.
  10. I'm doing well guys. I'm down in little Ole moore county. See the district is getting more competitive. I wish I was back there calling the games. I've had several people asking me to come back to do games that the new guys aren't as exciting. Good luck to all hope there aren't any injuries
  11. That's where you are wrong. It has been a while since Waverly has beaten LC but I went back to 1985 and 1986 Waverly beat Lewis. Didn't go back further but just needed to disprove your point. Check it out on tssaa records.
  12. The kid your talking about was just a lot bigger than the other kids. He wasn't reason they were that good in reference to kid at ensworth. Coach graves is a classy guy and role model who did a great job. The problem was with these Jr pro parents who think their success against little kids is indicator of how good they will be in high school. Sometimes they mature fast,some have other things on mind like girls, and some quit. Another problem is the fact Waverly don't have near the enrollment they used to and are one of smallest enrollments in class 3A. It's a sad day that he isn't coaching.
  13. yea really rolled by Waverly by 3 & 9 points. And to borrow a quote from your very own Joey enjoy baseball season.
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