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  1. Everyone here in Cumberland County is scared to death about violence and danger stemming from a Stone Memorial High School and Cumberland County High School rivalry. But people in the sleepy little town of CROSSVEGAS need to wake up and realize how awesome it is to have this county wide competition. Just think about the pride and sense of school ownership this gives to the students, the athletes, the teachers, heck--- everybody involved with either school!!! This is great!! it gives kids a great inscentive to be the best they can be at all times. And hold the phone if you think this rivalry stops on the fields and courts!!! This is headed into the classroom, and even out into the community. Pride and tradition is something the entire Cumberland County School System lacks!! And the battle of being the best side of I-40 couldnt be better. If you ask me, its just what the doctor ordered for both schools, and Cumberland County shouldnt be worried about it. They should be excited about the great things that will come from this rivalry on and off the playin field!
  2. So only JV? I did notice the friday night schedule and i wondered about that too. Ne media coverage this year with me out of town? Wondered about that whole situation too. ive been out of touch all summer i guess you could say. But good luck to the schools on both sides of the interstate!!
  3. Reeves is out! he left the panthers in the cold for a better position in GA. But a veteran local assistant: coach Marty Davis will be taking over. Coach Davis has been coaching in this system for years he deserves this job. And heck, he'll work harder than anyone to make his team a winner!!!
  4. What do u boys wanna bet cumberland County will be better?!! The administration made a great move by hiring coach Tony Schultz. Hes a tough hard nosed guy, who believes in creating talent. The team is in much better shape than they were in last year, and there schedule has them at home for most of the season. If you ask the expert (aka ME) the jets finish third in the region and go to the state playoffs for the first time since 2003!! Jet football is on its way back coach Schultz is the REAL DEAL!!!
  5. Alright, Listen Up everybody! Here's the most accurate scouting report on the Lady Raiders. The Oragenge team has had trouble with their back court. However, it's not due to lack of tallent ( These guards are tops in the state), But the girls just havent had the opportunity to gel. This team does have some size in the paint with 2 5'8" big girls, these two work very well together in coach Gardner's 2 post system. Out on the wing there is some absolute pure tallent, the hassler kid is as athletic as it gets. Deffensively- these girls wont be blown out by any team this season and that is accredited to some great deffense. This team hussles that's the bottom line. The Lady Raiders dont match up well with a big team that runs the floor. These girls dont have trouble getting back but the size ( not only hieght but strength) really hurt them in the phi slamma jamma c-ship. The one thing that will bring this team certain success is balance. The pressure has been on the post play throughout these first few games. If they can get some scoring out of the backcourt to go along with their great post play then these girls are a sure thing!
  6. OH YEAH! really good idea sportznut it's always better when you're expected to lose!!! What's up with that??? If any intelligent individual were asked to choose between the 2, i think they would chose to have 30 wins and then lose in the sweet 16 rather than suffer through yet another losing season and lucking our way into the sub-states. You can't knock whatt coach Smith has done with the program at CCHS. He took a team with an on average losing record and brought them to being recognized as the #1 team in the state!!! What the heck ru thinkin with a statement like this one??? Nobody wants tobe the underdog!!
  7. This might be the most uninformed group of people posting on this thread than any i've seen this season!! This is a serious thread and you people are treating it like a showcase for your favorite player!! I'll admit, i am a homer on every subject but this one. Casha foster is a bigger asset to her team than anyone in the state. The point stat is the one that Casha is supposed to be lacking in, but just in case you uninformed spectators didn't notice: Casha had 20 points in lthe other night's lady jet win over White County. Foster is the best defender in the state unarguably!!! and to top it all off Casha'a team is in the state's top 5!! You all are ignorant for not givin foster more mention on this thread!! Hey, coach T vote for foster!!!
  8. Cleveland's point guard got gurt?? U talking about Angie Wells and how bad was that injury???
  9. Yep that's right decent!!! When you've seen the top teams in the state play you realize that Cleveland will not touch a state tournament this year, unless the lady jets give them a free pass. The Lady Radiers aren't even as good as some lower division teams the lady Jets have blazed by this season. I'd like to see the lady Raiders take on a clarkrange or a Jackson County-- 2 single A schools that would give the lady Haters absolute fits!!! Cleveland has some very talented ball players but the top spot in region 3-5AAA is Cumberland County's to lose!!!
  10. You're so nieve Johnny! Do you actually think Luck is what got the Lady Jets this far??? You may be the only one who thinks this way and after the District and Regon Tournament you'll probably change your mind as well. You don't get to top 5 in the State by being "LUCKY"!!!!!! Wake up and smell the hardwood johnboy. It's time to seperate what is real from what is just someone's fantasy!!!!!!!!
  11. ALRIGHT!!!! This is enough!! I'm sick of this entire thread and this needs to be the end of it! The Bottom line is that Clarkrange Lady Buffs fans are so shocked and deflated by a 5 losing to the Lady Jets that have to find something derogatory to say about our school. The excuse making is over at this point: it's a given that the home team will get the calls (which was evident at Clarlkrange also), and the Lady jets just beat you at your own game! Secondly, you're all being big babies about our CCHS fan base. Clarkrange has a student following that is almost non-existant, the people that follow Buffaloe ball are parents and the old guys from the local co-op. So lets end it here by saying the Lady Buffaloes have become inferior to the Lady Jets and the fogie fans are crying about it in every way they can think of!!!!!!!!!
  12. It's obvious what's taking place in these last few posts; you outsiders are just jealous of one of the greatest student sections in the state of Tennessee!!! Your teams lose at CCHS, that's just the bottom line! The Lady Jets are undefeated on their home floor for 2 seasons in a row. There's a reason for that. Jut because youre not used to seeing students that are fired up and passionate about supporting their teams doesnt mean you can blatently bash a good group of kids!!
  13. Hey Buffalo Heads!!! Remeber when you thought the fans that made the trip to Clarkrange were a little out of line?? Well, when you set foot on "The Landing Strip" it's a whole new world. There won't be a couple of rowdy die hards in the stands; your lady Buffaloes are goin to be looking at a sea of Columbia Blue we like to affectionately call the "CROSSVILLE CRAZIES". So bring your hard hats buffaloes cause it's gotten even louder at the home of the Blue and Gold!!!!
  14. The Cumberland County High School Lady Jets are enjoying some time at #1 in the state's associated press pole. However, is this more than the blue and gold can handle?? Since arriving at the top spot a couple of weeks ago the Lady Jets have beaten a mediocre Rhea Co. team twice, banged out a couple of tough wins on the road, and lost a double OT heartbreaker to a decent Cleveland team. Is the pressure of being in that top spot going to effect the Lady Jets in a good or bad way?? In this situation, although i hate to put on added pressure, I must say the answer is in Head Coach Tim Smith's hands!! Every night from here on out the Lady Jets will see the "A" game from their opponent, and will this team be able to take the heat?? These are just a few questions that must be lingering in everyone's minds at this point in the season, and im interested in what the wrest of the state has to say about this. Of course, I have all of the confidence in the world for coach Smith and this special group of girls, but does anybody else think they have what it takes??
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