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  1. ECS didn't look like state champs 2nite webb absolutely dominated them webb's o-line and d-line made ECS' look like middle schoolers. And BGA beating Harding along with webb beating ECS means webb goes to JPII and Harding goes to ECS.
  2. The conditions at TPC Sawgrass were harsh at best. The winds gusted up to 30 mph and most of the competition was scared to tee off. The round was nearly canceled because of the harsh conditions but they ended up playing. No score over 78 was posted, except one. Enter Brian Patton, 16, Webb School golfer, he shot 63. 15 strokes better than the competition. On a day where some pros would be intimidated BP assaulted the course. When his birdie putt on 18 sunk in dead center he removed his hat and gave a Tiger Woods fist pump. Next year Tennessee golf will be known as the Year of the Texas, nickname of Brian Patton. If you are a Tennessee golfer then you are basically in a fight for second, unless your name is Brian Patton.
  3. Thats pretty good but Brian Patton has done more than anyone. He helped with the tsunami disaster by giving up golf for three weeks to serve. He also has been involved with Katrina relief and was the volunteer of honor when the first golf course in New Orleans reopened. He also goes to the soup kitchen every day.
  4. I believe Brian Patton has 953 service hours over the last two years. Its amazing how he can do so much and remain the top golf prospect in the Southeast.
  5. But Brian Patton after every round goes to the local soup kitchen and gives back. I LOVE THIS KID!
  6. WSLAX

    Brian Patton

  7. WSLAX

    Brian Patton

    This kid has it all. He is a first year starter for The Webb School. His raw talent is exceptional. All he needs is a coach to develop him. His most glaring needs are anger management and handling pressure on the course. He is sometimes erratic, shooting a 99 on Dead Horse Lake Golf Course but soon he will be the best. ALL I CAN SAY IS WES ROACH WHO????
  8. WSLAX

    College Prospects

    Brian Patton Webb School Golf Junior most talented golfer I have seen in a while, may need some anger management and experiencing dealing with pressure -walt chapman
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