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  1. titans89


    Learn how to spell by next year.Hollinsworth got robbed and you know it.As far as next year , well we just have to see Catfish
  2. titans89


    Barrett was # 55 and your right
  3. Have to go with White House on this one.Most of the time the defense had 8 sophs in the game.At one spurt in the Notre Dame game we had 9 sophs and 2 frosh on D.Alot of young talent could be interesting.
  4. I know they are working on it.I dont think its official yet.
  5. Where do you get that White House has the benefit of drawing local talent.In the past 5 years our territory has been cut in half because of the county split.Local talent is anywhere in your zone unless you are a private school.For you to put Pearl or White House in your statement with 2 private schools is just wrong.
  6. Rogan had almost 400 yards rushing.WOW!!! Congrats to Fulton.
  7. As I stated in an earlier thread White House's Schedule is not carved in stone.There is still NOT a firm deal with Alcoa and the week 2 and 3 games are not finalised.But Alcoa only has a week 0 and week two game open.Week 0 is our Sumner Co jamboree.
  8. titans89


    Thats why Country called it a PREDICTION
  9. White House 2007 Schedule[as i understand it] Week one Portland-Home Week two Alcoa-Away Week three Springfield-Home Week four Macon Co-Home Week five-Beech-Away Week six-Sycamore Away Week seven Pearl Cohn-Away Week eight Dekalb Co Home Week Nine Station Camp-Home week Ten Greenbriar- Away
  10. Yes, we kept Beech on the schedule.Its become a good rivalry and a good gate.
  11. titans89


    Well, I'm glad your glad
  12. You think Heritage would do anything against White House?Oh I forgot your AD wont return calls to play White House.
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