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  1. What's everyone's thoughts on the Collinwood/Loretto game Friday night? Ooops. Someone told me this game was Friday night. According to the schedule it's not until Jan 13. When is this game?
  2. Collinwood with the win 65-46
  3. Perry Co beats Collinwood. So they are tied for second right?
  4. Not sure I wasn't at the game uote name="wildcatalumni" post="3308316" timestamp="1421625909"] That's awesome. I heard Loretto had a kid 6'8". Is that true?
  5. Such a shocking loss. Our prayers go out to this family and his team. Remember Jake's time playing for Collinwood back in the late 80's into the early 90's. He was a great guy from a great family. Please keep everyone in your prayers.
  6. Just something to think about. The same group that Collinwood has this year are the ones who won the state championship in jr high. I know that was 4 years ago and there are different teams in high school. I think all but maybe 1 player from that jr high team is there this year. Just thought I'd throw this info in and I have to pull for the girls in GREEN!
  7. Ben Regan went out with a knee injury. He had it wraped in ice on the sideline. I posted this as Risner during the game but it was Regan.
  8. Congratulations to the Eagles on the win and everyone have a safe trip home. Good luck next week.
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