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  1. I was reading an old Jefferson County message board and i noticed a couple of comments that got me thinking. These things ex-players write about what a terrible coach euverard is are just ridiculous. Just because a coach was on a state champion football team, doesn't mean he can take a new team with little leadership and a small amount of raw talent and make an elite, undefeated team. (that's just common sense) A friend of mine plays now and he thinks coach euverard is one of the best coaches around. Funny though...he was used to disipline before joining the team, therefore euverard's rules and tough coaching methods were not a problem. Obviously, many others have a problem with it. I do not believe a coach can be attacked on the fact that he failed to rally a team of petition-starters and authority-challengers together for the better. I, for one believe that Jefferson County played one of their best games against Sevierville (even though it was a loss) after the "negative energy" was cut from the team. Despite the loss of talent, I think the team is much better off without them. comments?
  2. Hmmmm. Where to start. First, everyone knew what they were getting into from the beginning. Coach Meadows was a great coach and I am sure the new coach is too. Theres just something wrong with the administration and they need someone to come in and do this thing right. Theres no room for excuses and what people could do if they had another coach or what not, the kids just need to play and let their actions speak for them. Because right now their mouths are getting them nowhere and they are having a horrible season. They have no leadership and thats what they are lacking from the years past. They need the Freshmen and Sophomores to step up yes I said it. The seniors time is pretty much over its time to look for the future. Well and maybe a new coaching staff........
  3. Morristown West and Jefferson County have lost its spark. It used to be two great teams with great players. Over the last two years its been one great team and just one game. Noone really cares that much about the rivalry anymore between these two teams.
  4. I believe that Jefferson County Volleyball has came a long way and they have a great future. For anyone who cares ....what do you think ?
  5. I'll give Ewing his credit. But... the offensive line deserves a lot. Ewings not a fast runner but a hard runner and without that line he wouldn't get half of the yards he had. Congratulations
  6. I think Morristown West will destroy Greenville. This is the best Trojan team I have seen since the 2003 season. Darius Ewing is a great running back and they have a great line to open it al up for him. They also have former Patriot player Chad Williams blocking, what more could you ask for. Total blow out.
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