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  1. Saw the stat line for Grainger. They've got to shoot better as well. I say this is great for ET hoops and hope we see a great game.
  2. This is Grainger's first trip to the tournament at the new school. When they were still Rutledge they went twice: once in the late 70s and again in the late 90s.
  3. The argument for East Tennessee stopping at Knoxville is laughable. My guess is CyclonePrider isn't old enough to remember the 90s and 00s when there where NET teams were season long top 5 and even No. 1. Usually the media around that area votes in a bloc for their best teams. Over the years it's been a bit more based on records without looking at who the teams have played. Betsy has a great team. They've been one of 3 AA teams to beat Grainger the last 2 years. No one is taking anything away from the twins. Allison Hodge is most definitely worthy of this honor in being a finalist. She was last season as well, but didn't get to that point. Maybe one of the twins will get the nod next season. My guess is there's a lot that can happen over the remainder of their prep careers, so anything is possible.
  4. And to boot, 19 points with an ankle sprain.
  5. Grainger is not in the Sonic shootout this year. They're playing in the LandAir Ladies Classic in Greeneville.
  6. If SH is playing in the Farragut tourney it's possible they could play Grainger, but right now no. Also, I'm fairly sure that Coach Combs understands that he's limited with district competition, so they beefed up the schedule. There's not going to be a 32-0 streak this season more than likely, but this schedule gives them something more: a chance to see how they stand week in and week out with the best programs on the eastern end of the state.
  7. Ugh. This is why I stay away from this site. The discussion deteriorates way to quick. Let's leave it at this. Grainger finished the regular season number 1 and then lost when it mattered the most. Nothing is lost on what was a great season otherwise. For the ones who clearly just like to poke holes in that fact clearly have issues with someone somewhere. I'm not going to point out the obvious for those that choose not to recognize it. Congrats ladies. You did the county proud again this season. We hurt along with you, but know you're going to be even better next year.
  8. That's a bad deal when you look at it. But the first thing that crossed my mind is the buzzer. Refs probably waited until the buzzer and if it did get released prior to the buzzer then that's why it was called good. Also the point was speculated that the clock might've started early, but I'm here to tell you having been on the clock a few times myself it usually doesn't start when it should rather than starts early. Starting early would be a clear premeditated move a real reason for concern. Replay is the knee jerk reaction. What happens when they get it wrong with replay? It happens in the pros ya know...
  9. It can and does happen. No one is assured of anything. Gotta play like it's the last game every time.
  10. Grainger played Elizabethton AT Elizabethton. That could have had an impact on the outcome. Could be an indicator of whether or not Grainger is ready to make the next step or not. My feeling is that it's an indictment of the postseason for hoops in general. Time to start having neutral sites for all the tournaments. Been that way for years. Goes back to all those years Hal Henard was the site for many tournaments that South Greene won. It's basically their home away from home. Rotation between districts is fine for the region, but playing at Milligan, the Mini Dome or somewhere else acceptable is preferred.
  11. Sad...Holdsclaw being indicted on charge http://t.co/koe5PhypRE

  12. "@Jon_Perkins_82: Good luck tonight EHS girls! Lets be that "1" in Grainger's 32-1. #represent #CyclONEnation" Been a lot of teams try...

  13. "@DoubleD_423: grainger. Prepare for that first loss. #Ladycyclones" Been 32 others say that...#DoWorkGrizzlies

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