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  1. I want to say a "big congrats" to my son, Jaz Davis, from Hunters Lane, for being crowned the 2010 TSSAA AAA 200m Champion. He signed with the University of Memphis and will be running for the Tigers!!!! Also a big "shout out" to Laquisha Jackson, Jordan Lavendar, and Jake Rainey for putting on a clinic at the state meet. Congrats to MLK girls and boys for winning the A-AA state championships, with a special shout to defending 400m A-AA champion, Kirsten Jones (University of Maryland signee).
  2. Why aren't track and field athletes included in the "Prep Signees" section?
  3. Thanks for the update on Ooltewah.
  4. Since track is treated like a non-factor, and prospects are not listed under "prospects", let me say congrats to my son who runs for Hunters Lane. He just committed and signed a scholarship to run for the University of Memphis. The irony of it is many people come to the meets. There is a lot of interest. The home meets that HL host are packed more than 3/4 of the other sports. Nuff' said on that. I think in the Boys AAA, look out for Cordova, Brentwood High, Ooltewah, and Hunters Lane. Watch Jeremiah Rutledge from Kenwood, Jadon Short from Oak Ridge, Jarael Nelvis from White Station, Samuel Seamster from Ooltewah, Derrick Murrell from Fairley and Jaz Davis from Hunters Lane. Columbia Central will also make some noise. They will rack up some points for their respected schools this year. There are a whole lot more but these are the seniors who have continuously been at the top.
  5. I will pass this on to my son's coach (Hunter's Lane High).
  6. My son is a sprinter so I have always been interested in sprints but after seeing Kathy run in person I am a fan. The High School Heismen Winner is awesome. What a talent she is. Get well Kathy soon, and good luck at (I believe) Stanford. Tennessee is proud of you.
  7. Raymond Jackson and Chaz Scales were hot yesterday in the Sectional 3 finals. I look for them to be in the finals of the 100m and 200m, giving the nod to Raymond. My son finished 3rd in the 100m and 4th in the 200m. He looks up to these seniors. He has one more year. Look for HL to be hot in the 4 x 100 posting times of 41.70 and 41.86 this year. Big ups to Brentwood High's Girls and Boys for winning the sectionals. Shout out to my son's school Hunters Lane for finishing second behind Brentwood. Let me give love to Ben Tankard in A-AA in the hurdles. Represent MLK (and yourself) well. He has had a great season. Good luck to all this coming up week!!!!
  8. AAA better bring it!!! Between the guys from Ooltewah, Hunters Lane, White Station and Stratford, I think the 100m champ will come from one of these schools. I think the young man from Centennial has peaked at the right time. Its too bad, in this area, noone knows about them because they really get no coverage unless they are running in Doug Hall or the City Championships. So anyone reading, please come to the State meet to see some good action regardless of who is running.
  9. Justin is an awesome kid and a good ambassador for the sport. Hope to see him and his parents at the State meet.
  10. ebbybm

    What School?

    Yea is some aspects. There are a lot of good coaches but they battle lack of resources as well as some trying to coach a whole team on their own. It does make a difference. But thats an old argument. Just make due with what ya got.
  11. ebbybm

    Great 8

    In the 400m. look out for Joseph Short and Rodney Darden from Hunter's Lane. They have run 49.52 and 49.64 this season. For the girls, sophomore Jordan Lavender (USN), Sara Stephens (Dickson Cty) and Kirsten Jones from MLK should make it interesting.
  12. ebbybm

    What School?

    Most of your private schools will always be rated higher and considered best overall because they have a balance of everything (every event). Not all, but most. Schools like MBA, Brentwood Academy, Harpeth Hall, and Ensworth (up and coming) in the Middle TN area. Much props to them.
  13. ebbybm

    Great 8

    The 100m and 200m will be hot. In the 100m look for a race between Joseph Short (Hunters Lane) and D'Angelo Gray (Stratford). Giving them heat will be Jaz Davis (Hunter's Lane), Prince Iworah (Father Ryan), Derek King (Brentwood Acadmey) and Ben Cunningham (Goodpasture). In the 200m, look for the same with J. Short, D. Gray, J. Davis, and R. Darden (Hunters Lane). For the ladies, unless Quanisha Sales (Hillsboro) vanishes, or something, give her the crown in the 100m and 200m. But little Jordan Lavender from University School of Nashville will make it interesting.
  14. If you go to the site "Tennessee Runner" and look under calender it will have all the subsections and sections listed. You stated regional which would be equilvalent to the subsections.
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