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  1. Should be a great year of baseball! Can't wait to get the lines painted down
  2. by ouryear » Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:13 am i need to keep my mouth shut?? no COACH u need to keep ur mouth shut..not once did i say Thank God this kid got hit in the head or was hoopin and hollerin about this kid gettin hit or jus runnin my mouth the kid gettin hit but i did say he'd need a "speedy" recovery , so they cld have a chance at beatin CW in the tourney,,,get ur facts straight old man ^^^^^^^ True Bad as$ here men... Congrats "ouryear" you get 15 cool points.
  3. Opinion Dad, I would seriously stop posting on here about all your complaints with the baseball program and the extra time spent at the field because your really making yourself look like a soccer parent. Sack up! Good Luck Harpeth! Can't wait til this summer.
  4. Congrats to Andy Brown for committing to Walters State.
  5. lol alright so why does it matter what a catcher runs the 60 in?? when was the last time you saw a catcher batting lead off in college? plus there is more to catching than just throwing the ball down to 2nd... thats the number 3 thing that coaches look for in a catcher.. first you have to be able to recieve the ball (not catch, big difference), two you have be to able to block every ball reachable- no excuse.. third arm strength/accuracy.. other being a leader on the field, controlling the pitching staff, knowledge of calling a game, situations, hitting... there is much more to being a "catcher" than just throwing.. Matt Montgomery from Creekwood is a great catcher and should have a great next two years behind the plate..
  6. Hello fellow CoachT members lol been a while... well im lookin for Harpeth to pull another 18-0 in the district again this year.. lol jk... nah it should be a toss up between the top four teams, should be a tight race this year... As for Mr. Andy Brown, well lets just hope that all the teams in the district do not chicken out and pitch around him by thinking one man can beat a whole team, there are eight other players on the field.. I also think he should join some old teammates down at C-State, along with ten members of the American Legion World Champions.. ha had to throw that in, the rings look nice lol... Good luck to everyone in the district.. Enjoy it P-Roy #3
  7. AHHHH ole coacht! lol yeah im predicting a shut out..... Harpeth 68 Sycamore 0
  8. Andy Brown of Harpeth = MVP
  9. straightbill307

    2008 AA

    BC, dont ever say that again man. There is no way they could challenge to make a trip to the boro'. But I do look for them to be on the upper half of 11AA but thats all. It will be the same next year CW, MC, Harpeth (even tho they lose 11 seniors).
  10. Not to look to far ahead, but Vandy should be on top next year as well with only 4 Seniors on the team 2 really impact players (Meingasner and Weathers). And also Price leaving as #1 Draft pick probably. Its going to be great to have all these guys fill up those shoes, good luck guys!
  11. I disagree, look at some of the Sectional scores the past two years. Some teams are playing, Metro schools out of Memphis and beating them 15-0 and 21-0. I think there needs to be a new setup some where. And go the 'limbaugh' plan. Sorry if I spelled it wrong
  12. Well in 09' Vandy has on the mound.... Mikie Minor Jr. Richie Goodenow So. Mark Lamm So. Caleb Hill So. Sonny Gray Fr. Navery Moore Fr. ALL FROM TENNESSEE. Not to mention the kid from CA, and other recruits coming in. Thats a heck of a pitching staff.
  13. My prediction USJ wins. Shocker will be Dyer Co. Good luck to all teams.
  14. Well besides the tire marks in Center Field from where someone thought it would be cute to do donuts with their truck last night, everything looks good for tomorrow, no rain. Lexington's Billy Keck VS Harpeth's Matt Fiser 6:00 at Harpeth Creekwood's Dawson ? VS Bolivar's Will Irvin 6:00 at Bolivar Safe trips to fans, Lex and CW.
  15. First what happened and Second its Ivie not Ivey.
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