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  1. Congratulations to the Lady Bobcats on a huge come-from-behind win. OS got off to a slow start, but Monk's 3-point barrage in the third quarter brought them back. OS showed a lot of character coming from behind. As for LA, their post players have to be willing to get set and take a charge, and their free throw shooting wasn't very good, especially late in the game and in overtime.
  2. Cherokee (Kingston) 14 Clinton 0
  3. Head-to-head play is the first tiebreaker, then overall record. So, if Kingston wound up tied with LC and Scott, LC would go because Kingston would have the worst overall record and LC beat Scott head-to-head. If Kingston wound up tied with LC and Loudon, Kingston would go because they beat both head-to-head. If LC, Loudon, and Scott wind up tied for the spot, the LC/Loudon winner would go because they both beat Scott.
  4. Actually, Kingston doesn't have to win. Kingston gets in even if they lose both games IF Scott Co loses both and LC loses 1. Scott has Austin East and Anderson Co left. Lenoir City has Anderson County and Loudon left. Kingston would finish last in a 3-way tie, though. current standings: AE 5-0 8-0 Fulton 4-1 7-1 AC 3-2 6-2 Kingston 3-2 4-4 LC 2-3 5-3 Scott 2-3 5-3 Loudon 1-4 2-6
  5. I think the Yanks will win. But I thought the Marlins would lose in 1997, too.
  6. Kingston 4-0. Kingston did not allow a goal entire tourney.
  7. Well, the Cubs didn't win game 7. One of the worst failures in history. Only 9 teams have been up 3-1 and lost the series.
  8. as long as Fulmer keeps making excuses or denying that any problems exist, UT will continue to falter. I'm afraid they aren't done losing this season.
  9. Don't forget the Colts, and I hope the Titans are at home ... not at the Coliseum ... but at home in front of their TV sets having been eliminated!!!
  10. It's the curse of the goat, I guess. And what's up with their fans. Not once, but twice, in this series a fan has taken the ball away from a cub defender... I still like the Tubbies chances with Wood, though.
  11. Don't leave out Leaverton's tackle of Warrick on the punt return.
  12. Can someone post the schedule for district 4 A/AA tournament? Thanks.
  13. swamp

    Region 2 AAA

    Man, this region is going to be down to the wire. 7 teams are still alive, looks like. I think the 'big 3' will grab the top 3 slots, but four teams are still in the running for that 4 spot. The possibilities are still way too many to list this early!
  14. I liked the wide-open offense that Cutcliffe ran. Sanders brought us back to Johnny-ball, 3 yards and a cloud of dust, except when they needed a conversion on 4th down, when he ran toss sweeps (see UF games 99 & 00).
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