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  1. I know that Brentwood rarely throws the ball...key word, rarely. Alot of run oriented offenses can throw the ball, and can be effective. Hunters Lane is a running team, but throws the ball every once in a while.
  2. Hunters Lane isnt the first team to grab the goalposts. Those goalposts have been loose for years, and will move with slightest touch. Trust me, ive done it before, haha. I was their during warmups, and didnt hear alot of trash talk directed to Hville. Alot of yelling as always during warmups, and simultaneously doing jumping jacks with the Commandos. No sign of showing disrespect towards their opponents. If they were talking trash...they back it up on the field. As for this weeks game, I like the Warriors by a touchdown. If they can defend the pass a little better then they have the past few weeks, then they should emerge with a victory.
  3. I firmly believe that the Commandos need to step away from the wing-t. As an alumni, ive seen that style of offense work amazingly well, but with the right personal. In the 02 State Championship run, Cook, Truka, Swann, and Fortner ran the Wing-t flawlessly. In the following years, ive seen that the effectiveness has gone down. Granted, its nice to see the passing game finally develop(considering they threw the ball twice all year my freshman year in 99). I dont believe its the coaching at all. Hatfield and his staff are top notch, and one of the most respected in the state. Its all about the players you bring in.
  4. Kristen Spear, Pitcher from Hunters Lane, is signing with Martin Methodist tomorrow morning.
  5. Just got the full game stats....Becker had 311 yards passing tonight...13 our of 19. Very impressive. Leading rusher was Clay for HL with 152 yards on 17 carries.
  6. A really good game from my eye. Ravenwood had trouble stopping the run of Hunters Lane..and the Warriors had problems stopping the pass of the Raptors. Blown opportunites by the Warriors cost them dearly. First play of the game, Kennerley of HL took a handoff and sprinted for 58 yards. The drive stalled on the Ravenwood 8, with a 4th and Goal try failed. Ravenwood went 3 and out, and the punt return by McClain went down to the RHS 15. Again, drive stalled with no points. Again and again...the Warriors got huge runs from either Clay, McClain, or Kennerley, but couldnt finish. I think they were 2-5 in the redzone, which wont win you ball games. Ravenwoods passing game was solid...completing 5 passes of 40+ yards. The run game was good as well. Key play of the game in my opinion was the only turnover of the game... Kendrick Walker of HL dropped back for a pass on their own 20, down by 8. Threw a pass intended for McClain, but was intercepted and returned to the Warriors 5. Led to a touchdown. Warriors couldnt recover. I congratulate Ravenwood on a game well played. Wish them the best when the travel to White Station. I saw both players and coaches show great respect for each other before, during, and after the game. To Hunters Lane...a season to remember. You played your hearts out...and thats all we ask of you.
  7. Ill keep in touch DL...good luck to yall tonight.
  8. Fumbling on the 5 yard line will do that to you. In all accounts...Hendersonville shouldnt have scored anything. McClain from HL fumbling that punt late in the first half gave HHS another chance to score, and they converted. That was as close as the Commandos got the endzone for the rest of the game.
  9. I was at that game...Crutcher went in for the score. Ended up blowing a 24-7 halftime lead to loose 28-24. That was back in 2003.
  10. Considering both teams have 8-4 records... HL will have their work cut out for them Friday. Ravenwood has a decent passing game, and I dont think HL has faced a passing attack all year. Majority of the teams they play are run oriented. I know the Raptors picked away at Gallatins secondary pretty easily. For the Warriors to come out with another W, they need to get out of the habit of making stupid mistakes. Fumbling a punt that led to a touchdown...wasting a timeout on a PAT...delay of game penalties....they need to get out of that funk. They had good chances to score more points tonight, but couldnt convert. It doesnt help that they dont have a kicker that cant kick a field goal any farther than the 20. On paper, it looks like Ravenwood has the advantage in every catagory...but I think Hunters Lane will put up a good fight, just like Antioch did tonight. Maybe not leave with a victory, but they will sure make Ravenwood earn their trip to the semis. Good luck to both teams Friday.
  11. Thanks for the score updates DL...helped alot. Same thing next week?
  12. Big win for HL...first time in school history to reach the third rd of the playoffs. A defensive struggle for both teams in the second half...neither team could move the ball much. Warriors had their way on the ground in the first half, with Clay racking up 117 yard on 6 carries. Kennerly had both touchdowns for the Warriors, one rush and one receiving. Hendersonville played an excellent ball game as well. Wing T was working most of the night...keeping Hunters Lane's defense on its heels all night long. Their defense was very successful in the 2nd half. Roper was the leading rusher with 54 yards on 10 carries for the Commandos. Good luck to Hunters Lane next week when they host Ravenwood, and congrats to Hendersonville on a good season, and a excellent run in the playoffs.
  13. Both of my teams are in it...so either way i come out a winner. Like to see HL go into the the next round. Havent been that far in a while.
  14. Lockridge from the Tennessean has the Warriors picked by 4...saying the running game will prove the difference. Im agreeing with him
  15. check your email david...ill be at the Hendersonville - Hunters Lane match up.
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