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    golf, tennis i play those for school<br /><br />basketball, football<br /><br />and anything VOLS related

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  1. Get that Crimson A off my schools field
  2. I wont be surprised at all Heather Butler is something special she is going to make some D1 team happy
  3. Tallon juices! /roflolk.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflolk:" border="0" alt="roflolk.gif" />
  4. I hear it from my on campus apt it sounds crazy! Im on the other end of the campus to down near greek row
  5. With Dekalb moving up I think its time for this thread to move as well lol on to the 4a 5a d2 board!
  6. I eager to see Dekalb next season. The follow up to their best season in years should be good. I know they lose a lot dont they? I remember the 09 class being a big class on that team.
  7. Until these other teams step on the field against the boys in purple Milan is #2 and you cant take that away from them. If we had played the entire game on offense like the fourth when something finally clicked well buddy its a dif ball game. Oh and in reference to our fans you need to pay more attention and not just be another talking head. The earliest I saw anyone leave might have been with 5 min left in the game. You cant fault them for that. We def had more fans there than Alcoa, and heck there students were the only ones standing. Most of our fans stud yelling the entire game. If fans decided a ball game Milan would have spanked Alcoa tonight. We have some of the best fans in the state. That showed tonight. Alcoa's contingency looked like Neyland stadium on saturdays! Oh and these so called better teams prolly dont have half the defense that Alcoa team does and on any given night when Milan is facing a normal high school D they are liable to hurt their feelings! Badly!
  8. Milan lost this game on the offensive side of the ball... the play calling was putrid... We should have seen Avery from the get go... Alcoa good game! Any offense from Milan and it could have been a great game!... I would have liked to have seen this game last year when Milan had good size on the line... That Alcoa D is everything it was hyped up to be... But at the same time so was Milan's, it just saw way to much of the field tonight... Have a great off season Alcoa hope to see you again next year!... And Id like to give props for the entire town of Milan showing up tonight! lol seriously!
  9. Was this really necessary? Check where you are getting something from before you post it next time. Thats really not cool or funny.
  10. Man that lot isnt to close to the school or at least I can find it up here
  11. A couple Milan players told me that Saban was at the game. I didnt think it very likely but I have no reason not to believe them
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