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  1. Last year it was sometime in Oct or Nov, yes after the girls season was started. At least the Coaches All State. The All State for the Tennessee Sports Writers usually comes out in June.
  2. You'll get them in like Oct or Nov after the girls season is over. LOL
  3. Good luck with the all regiona and even all state. It took them till October last year, way after the girls started to get that information. Your all district should have been announce at the district games, just ask your coach.
  4. No surprised here. They took Blackman to the brink last year and lost 6-5 overtime. No surprise here against Siegel. I think if Siegel would have played Sunday, win or lose against Riverdale, it would have better prepared them for Columbia. Rival competetion I believe makes a team better and more prepared. Everyone was already talkn Riverdale vs Siegel matchup and as I told my son, you cannot overlook Columbia. I don't think Columbia will beat Riverdale, 2-1
  5. I will tell you what we were told at the state referee meeting this past fall and at the Highland Rim Referee Association which represents Middle Tennessee. If the shin guard is more than two inches above the ankle, then they are illegal. They must be size and age appropriate. We are to strictly enforce this rule.
  6. Lets see the boys Tennessee Coaches All State didn't come out until November of this year, 7 months after the season and three months into the girls season. Don't count on January.
  7. How bout the Brentwood Soccer Club being represented in every age bracket in the finals except the U18. Where was TNFC? Ummmmmmmmm, guess decisions made last year by TNFC weren't very good decisions.
  8. Tennessean Confirms Siegel's Win http://www.tennessean.com/article/20081106...-1/PREPSFACTORY
  9. I would also like to add to my error, it's not a football field it's a multipurpose complex.
  10. Why does a boys middle school game take precedence over a girls high school soccer semi finals? Let the middle school team play at another high school that is not using their football field. If you are going to play the semi finals there you might as well play the finals there and the middle schools need to pay for playing at Siegel Park.
  11. The current system is broke now, it's been four months since the boys season was over and still no list. You are probably right about the parents being involved, they shouldn't be. Coaches know who there all state players are by now, trust me on that.
  12. Players and parents, you need to start pushing for the All State list for coaches now, other wise you won't see one. You will at least have the Sports Writers All State List. The boys still have not received the list and are still waiting. If you push for it now, you might see it. They know who their recommendations for all state are, so have them send it in now.
  13. Anything that they put out at this point is meaningless anyways!, But the boys deserve to see it.
  14. Here is the response I got. TACA does not compile any All State teams in any sports. TACA does have All Star games in football,boys and girls basketball only.
  15. Looks as if TACA has a new website. www.taca.net I emailed the contact list and ask them if they knew anything about the all state list. We will see what kind of response I get. Staff: Bill Marbet Executive Director Phone: 1.800.837.8062 Fax: 931.380.0145 [email protected] www.mulemix.com Jason Lovell Administrative Director Phone: 1.800.837.8062 Fax: 931.380.0145 [email protected] www.mulemix.com Larry Taft Director of Media Relations Phone: 615.832.2949 [email protected]
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