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Found 13 results

  1. how are elizabethton girls doing this year havent heard much about them
  2. How do you define success in high school football? Wins and Losses? Character of Players past and present? Improvement or failure to meet expectations? How do you set expectations for High School football?
  3. According to multiple sources Mac McCurry is GONE. "Take it to the bank" Not just fan talk anymore. After nearly getting axed at the end of last season, 2019 will indeed be Mac's last in Franklin County. Also heard that McCurry has already accepted a position to head back to Arkansas next year as an OC. Not as solid on that info but wouldn't doubt it. So let me be the one to start the conversation, who is the FC Rebels head coach next season?
  4. who is the favorites to make it to glass house
  5. Hello, i’m trying to find out How do I go about getting a copy of the Raleigh Egypt middle school roster for fall football 2019-2020? Thank you, Ms. Shay.
  6. I can no longer add a picture or video to my post in the message boards. Others seem to have no trouble, but when I click "add Image" I get the box that says " URL Properties"
  7. This deep in the season you can pretty much tell who the best players are. Be real about it. Player's that have had a great year, and stick out every game. Interested to see some of the best players!
  8. Who are the top contenders out of each area in Class A: East (Region 1 and 2) 1) 2) 3) 4) Middle East (Region 3 and 4) 1) 2) 3) 4) Middle West (Region 5 and 6) 1) 2) 3) 4) West (Region 7 and 8) 1) 2) 3) 4)
  9. Hi, Looking for an off-season program to increase velocity, strength and your chances of playing at the next level? Savage Throwing & Pitching Development is the most inclusive off season training program for the cheapest price in the local area. Our coaching features current pros both in baseball and strength & conditioning! Just think of our program as pitching lessons, personal trainer and dietitian all in one place for a low price! Whether your goal is to make your high school team or make it to the MLB this is the program for you! For inquiries please contact [email protected] Thanks and looking forward to working with you! Best, Cam Hatch, Owner, Savage Throwing & Pitching Development LLC.
  10. F. Each district may choose to break ties in its regular season contests using a modified tie-breaker system. Each district shall decide whether or not to use this option prior to the start of the season. If a district votes to use the option for its district contests, the following tie-breaker procedure shall be used in the regular season: Teams will play two 10 minute Golden Goal (Sudden Victory) overtime periods. At the end of the first 10 minute overtime period, teams shall change ends. There shall be a two-minute interval between periods. If, at the conclusion of the two 10 minute Golden Goal (Sudden Victory) overtime periods, a tie still exists, the tie shall be broken with the penalty kick procedure outlined in the NFHS Rulesbook. Beginning with postseason play, all contests shall use the NFHS tie-breaking procedure. District 4 did not break ties in the regular season. If HVA beats Farragut, Then HVA and Maryville will have the same record. I was told if this happened, they would use goal differential. My question, do they use all common opponents or only district opponents for the differential? Currently, with HVA having a game remaining, Maryville has a 3 goal lead in District. If they beat FHS by 3 they are still tied. Does anyone know where this is written down. It reads like the District decides it's own tiebreaker for seeding. Maryville 13-1-2 (4-0-1) Tue Sep. 11 Farragut +2 W 2-0 Thu Sep. 20 at Hardin Valley 0 T 1-1 Tue Aug. 28 at #21 Heritage +8 W 8-0 Mon Sep. 17 Lenoir City +9 W 9-0 Tue Aug. 14 William Blount +7 W 7-0 Hardin Valley Academy 7-5-3 (3-0-1) Thu Sep. 27 Farragut Tue Sep. 18 at #21 Heritage +5 W 5-0 Mon Sep. 24 Lenoir City +9 W 9-0 Thu Sep. 20 #10 Maryville 0 T 1-1 Tue Aug. 21 at William Blount +9 W 9-0
  11. Be sure and tune in to 93.9 FM (The Duck) Friday night at 10 pm for Pre-season predictions, Coaches Interviews, and your questions as usual. We have Coach Thomas McDaniel of Oakland confirmed with more to come. Should be an interesting two hours discussing area teams and how we feel they will do this season. This will begin our weekly postgame show at 10 PM where we'll bring you all the scores and as always, interviews with the Coaches you will not want to miss! We will also be discussing Jamboree results this Friday. Be sure and join us! You can listen to live internet feed by clicking on my signature and following the "Listen Live" link on our home page. Call us at 931-393-3100 with your questions and comments.
  12. Cannon County is looking to fill a scrimmage vacancy left from a cancellation. Are there any teams still doing spring practice that would be open to a scrimmage or a 3 way scrimmage ? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. After so many years out of school, I look back at all the Teachers & coaches that still guide our lives with their lessons hear this inspiring video Teacher what are they good for ? Listen to the podcast Blunt reflections who has been your favorite Coach or Teacher ?
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