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District 13 AA


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When would USJ play ya'll ruthless?

I guess region?

Because we didnt schedule anyone but TCA and Madison from around here.


Your correct it wouldnt be until the region but im game to play anytime lol especially if yall are the beast iv heard you are i know ill get my butt handed to me but it always makes me better playin stronger comp.

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Hey man thats the only way to get good.

Thats how we got better, lots of tournaments and playing people WAY better than us in them haha.

Ive gotten it handed to me many a time in some big tournaments first or second round.

Its not always fun but it does really help to improve you.

So the only player ive ever known from milan is from Sidney Crocker my 8th grade and freshman year I played him.

Yall know him?

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I dunnow. For West Tn District and Region tennis he was solid. He was fun to play though haha. Well maybe we will play yall at region, if you say your as good as you are im sure you will make it no problem. And i think you play us instead of Madison in region?


Well I was previous runner up in district 7aa out of middle tennessee and they guys already here in milan are vastly improved from last year from what i hear, so i plan on making a run at district for sure! Anyways we need to play sometime and some of the other guys from USJ... oh and ps thanks for rob fields in golf i look for him to be a beast when he becomes eligible next season

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