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Middle School Playdays thru the State


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What a beginning and what about the attendance????? The fans are ready for the season to start today it seems but there are still some more playdays to be held. Large numbers of teams mean matches held in one location may mean quarters may be a little cramped and local rules may be instituted in a lot of locations, especially the closer the end lines and serving. Many playdays have high school players officiating with coaches supervising which mean if you see those coaches walking around, its just another way to teach another part of the game in many ways. Its again another way for all to appeal to the head official, the playday director, and disputes to be resolved. Its an obvious time, for fans, who may have never attended a Volleyball match before, to come and ask questions, watch with a friend and watch a sport their player went out for at school, made the team and came home and said "Mom and Dad" I made the team and we are playing our first match Saturday and they want you tocome and watch AND help in the concession stand. Now, first thought, great to make to make the team, can help do anything, but watch the game and not seem dumb when I know just enough about Volleyball to fill a thimble, PRESSURE. For those in that position and there may be many, go in and sit down with a friend, ask questions, don't expect to learn it all in one sitting, find the scorers table where they are keeping score becasue thats likely the reason they are playing, most of the time. Look around and find someone at the end of the net blowing a whistle and making strange gestures and ask you friend what they may mean. Be ready to buy a bottle of water for your player might get thirsty and players need to be hydrated for may reasons, maybe for nervousness with their own anticipation. And relax. Players might not just play on one court and may have to move. Matches are either 2-3 games to 25 points. After the match, be ready to move to another location for another match and it may go on for some time till the day is over. Players eat lunch together and likely are together between games but be ready for questions. They'll find you. Finally the day is over. RELEIF.

This is not bad. Great experience. Met a lot of people. Helped as needed. Supported player. And thats Middle School volleyball, an exciting way to spend a day supporting your player and your school.

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