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realignment of the districts

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800 is way too many for the first split, there are schools out there with less than 250 that would have to compete with schools with 800.  They would never do they to football.  What is single a split in football?

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Probably true. Maybe do 0-400. 400-800. 800-1200 and 1200 +. Like I said depends on how many that are small that actually have a team. You would be surprised though at how many schools that have 700-900 students that still struggle to get 22 actual soccer players.

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thats for ever class, in every sport.......and without a your child is better than our child multiplier


for a school to have sports in 3 and 4 classifications is ridiculous.....just man up and play


Booger just sayin smileys-money-845799.gif

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Booger you know that won't happen because it makes too much sense. I wouldn't mind it but I don't think the powers that be will have 6 classes for sports not called American Football.


Is there a way to get an enrollment listing of schools that have soccer? Both boys and girls?

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and here is the latest numbers from the state.  Look under profile data files. be prepared to do a lot of data pulling from that spreadsheet.  The total enrollment is several columns over.


the one under chronic absenteeism is easier to dig info out of

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The way classification works is relatively simple.  They take the total number of schools, roughly 360, and divide them up.  With the current system, they are divided into groups of 3.  The breakpoints are not fixed, but they have fallen give or take...


A = 1-500

AA = 500-1000

AAA = 1000+


Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball have these 3 classes.


Soccer, XC, Track, Tennis, and Golf combine A and AA to make A/AA so the breakpoints for those sports is 1-1000, and 1000+


Football had always taken those 3 classes and split them in half to make 1A, 2A (each half of A), 3A, 4A (each half of AA) and 5A, 6A (each half of AAA).  Football now takes the top 32 to make 6A and divides the remaining schools 5 ways and the splits fall where they do.


The 4 class system would take everything except football and instead of dividing things 3 ways, you would do it 4 ways.  Doing this would put the splits at or around here:


A:   0-400

AA: 400-725

AAA:  725-1200

AAAA:  1200--->


Soccer would have A/AA, AAA, and AAAA which would move the current A/AA from 1000 down to around 725.


If someone can tell me how to post a PDF file here, happy to post the relevant parts of the 80 page report I put together about all of this.  

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