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AAA  All-State Girls 2018 THSSCA

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AAA  All-State Girls 2018 THSSCA


Cara Young                                                                        Houston                                                          12

Maddie Eskin                                                                    Houston                                                          11

Grace Oliver                                                                      Maryville                                                         12

Katie O’Brian                                                                     Oak Ridge                                                        11

Anna Rasmussen                                                               Soddy Daisy                                                     11

Asher Smith                                                                       Soddy Daisy                                                     11

Abby Brewer                                                                     Bearden                                                           11

Riley Cox                                                                            Science Hill                                                      12

Michaela Nicholson                                                          Station Camp                                                  12

Ashley Barrientos                                                              Smyrna                                                            12

Anna Augustini                                                                  Ravenwood                                                     12

Faith Adams                                                                      Oakland                                                           12

Delaney Mitchell                                                               Stewarts Creek                                                10

Emily Sanchez                                                                   Siegel                                                               11

Annie Warner                                                                    Stewarts Creek                                                12

Elizabeth Slavinsky                                                            Collierville                                                       12

Ansley Cate                                                                       Henry County                                                  12

JaNiya Stevens                                                                  Clarksville                                                        10



Jenna Kemp                                                                       Houston                                                          12

Mackenzie Smith                                                              Hardin Valley                                                   12

Bailey Taylor                                                                     Powell                                                             12

Reyna Coston                                                                    Maryville                                                         11

Kayla Lynch                                                                       Cookeville                                                        11

Emily Carlevato                                                                 Bearden                                                          12

McKenzie Guest                                                                Dobyns-Bennett                                              12

Cameron Giles                                                                   Hendersonville                                                12

Brenda Cernas                                                                   Smyrna                                                            12

Harper White                                                                    Franklin                                                           12

Hailey Howard                                                                  Brentwood                                                      10

Maddie Ash                                                                       Franklin                                                           12

Monica Mullaney                                                              Oakland                                                           12

Dakota Mitchell                                                                Stewarts Creek                                                10

Lainey Callis                                                                       Oakland                                                          10

Mia Roberts                                                                      Siegel                                                               11

Julia Marsh                                                                        Lincoln County                                                12

Campbell Kivisto                                                               Collierville                                                       12

Emily Raines                                                                      Henry County                                                  12

Ashley Campagne                                                             Clarksville                                                        10                                                  



Kate Handel                                                                      Houston                                                          12

Molly Rose                                                                        Houston                                                          11

Allison Morrison                                                               Collierville                                                       12

Rachel Reid                                                                       Maryville                                                         12

Abbey Kolarik                                                                    Maryville                                                         12

Kiana Lane                                                                         Hardin Valley                                                   11

Anna Stouffer                                                                    Bradley                                                            12

Addy Keylon                                                                      Ooltewah                                                        12

Sadie Mae Stroud                                                             Cookeville                                                        11

Macy Carter                                                                      Station Camp                                                  12

Sarah Cloud                                                                       Ravenwood                                                     11

Kate Boring                                                                       Brentwood                                                      10

Hannah Patterson                                                             Bartlett                                                            



Katie Bahn                                                                         Hendersonville                                                10

Faith Vanston                                                                    Ravenwood                                                     11

Kate Devine                                                                       Brentwood                                                      11

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