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Raleigh Egypt middle school football 2019-2020 roster


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    • Old Pirate says youngons can only post about what theys seen. Geno should get Great Grand Pappy to learn him more. Wigfall is The Legend known around the area. Leastways, Old Timers knowds more than the youngons when theys can remember atall.
    • When you barely survive against McNairy who's only win was against a winless 1A school, I just can't see Bolivar keeping this close. Westview had a rough go on senior night by Dyersburg, (need we even bring up the Primetime conversations?). So, to me it's all about mentality of the team. Does Westview shake it off & get back on track on their last regular home game? Or are they mentally beat and let this be a closer game than it should be? Or even take a loss? I think the I'll take Westview by 20+
    • I’m not saying I have an opinion one way or another. Hamilton County rezoning allowing kids opportunity to go outside their area has probably not helped. The “affluent” population in Ooltewah may have been going to private’s anyway but this has probably increased an exodus. Our society segregated itself in a lot of ways. Economic status and race are unfortunately some of those 
    • I watched the Trenton game and for most of the first half it looked like they were trying to play backyard football. After half they settled down and started running plays and looked good. That defense is stout. Is Kumaro Brown 100% noticed they used him at WR alot?
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