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    • The Ms. game will be a experience if the officials in North Ms. haven’t changed. Needless to say they let em play. They play with the wave ball to. 
    • There's a great NON district game Friday night as D-B travels to Greeneville.  Also the West Ridge and Science Hill games (boys and girls) are being made up Wednesday night.  The Wolves at home are tough.
    • your comment above was a reply to Tide's comment above.  You quoted him in this reply.  He said Westmoreland & Loretto were better than Knox Catholic, you dismissed that saying Knox plays top 4A teams not top 1A teams.  That, friend, is why I chimed in.  C'mon now, no reason to deflect.  Good Luck to your team! Tide, sorry for taking over your thread about a good coach!
    • Again I never said anything about Loretto or westmoreland.  In fact this is the first time I have put their names in my post.   So learn how to read a post correctly.   I said catholic will play anybody including the toughest 4A teams not just tough 1A teams.  You put those 2 schools in this conversation not me.  Lakeway still lost by 29 to loretto and it was probably worse then that.   I also said 1A-4A doesn’t matter when good is good.   
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