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    • Y’all’s new coach, Derek Rang, he worked magic here in Dresden. Where he came from before going to us, they all praised him immensely and I was thinking they were just being nice. That praise was well-founded it turned out. Lewis Co. landed a good one hiring Coach Rang. Sho’ ‘nuff did! 
    • Om hoping the stell mill coming in.Think a solar farm.Id like to see LC can get more people in and be a larger 1A.But the families would probably move to Dyersburg.
    • Not sure how many you are allowed, West Greene will be 3 and that might be the limit. I'm not real sure about this though. I'm sure the Coaches will be there scouting.
    • Anyone from MJ want to make a bold prediction on the record and seed going in to the playoffs?   
    • I agree.  Wade's were great.  I don't see Summit winning a playoff game this year.  Ravenwood has a chance to go deep in the playoffs.  Shelby Co has some studs.  I wouldn't count out Sumner Co either.  I don't think the West side is as strong as the East so I think this is the year a surprise candidate could arise and make the Clinic Bowl.  
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