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    • That's exactly what this year will end up being.  The young and inexperienced players that are getting all these game reps out of sheer necessity (in many positions we are literally playing the only guys left in the position group) will be much better players for having gone through all of this adversity this season.  While it has been frustrating and disappointing season for all involved and will continue to be, those that make it through will have learned some invaluable lessons and standards of expectations that will no doubt pay off for those kids next season, for those that stick with it.  
    • The injuries have really hurt OR the last two seasons, especially in the lines where it is so critical.  There are many causes, and sometimes they are just fluke injuries. Looks like OR will be missing some linemen tomorrow night and that is going to make the hill a lot steeper against a very good Greeneville team, whose apparent strength is their lines and running the ball. Even though this is a high visibility game, and certainly would be great to win, the Karns game is more important as it is a Regional game which has playoff implications, including a possible second place finish and home field the first round.  So if some of the injured can be back for Karns that would be good,
    • This looks to be a better game for Westview than Union City. If, that's IF you can stop UC's run game and make them one dimensional, they seem rather beatable. Looks like what Westview did. But, how will the Mustangs do it? Is the Mustang QB up to it? He seems to get a lot of good press. I think this is going to be a fantastic game. 
    • First game film isn’t really the best example going into week 8 but this is Munford win over Covington    
    • would a perfect season against 1A and 2A opponents be more meaningful than a 1 loss team that lost to a 4A team? i guess a better way to phrase it would be: is SOS more or less important than 1 loss?
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