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Power Hour Podcast with Max Norman!


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Max is special and most importantly he really is a good kid.  My son, who was a senior and went to a different high school down the road a bit, spent a good portion of last summer/fall wrestling Max at Nahshon's and when I went to one of the club practices I couldn't get over how much he had changed physically.  Night and day.  I was texting another Dad as I was watching Max go live with my son and I said Max was a dark horse to win whatever weight class he was at.  It was that apparent and I had no doubts.  I should have said he was the favorite in hindsight, lol. My son had previously warned me that Max was a complete hand full even before his freshman year had started.  Max's motor is fantastic (I think it is his best attribute) and he wins a ton of matches by simply outworking his opponent.   Max's success isn't a surprise to any of the parents and wrestlers around here, I can assure you of that.  Also, don't forget that Max has been at practice for years and years getting beat up by the likes of Hunter Mason and Kodiak Cannedy plus all the DB players from a couple years ago and then throw in his early coach being Joe Kemmerer (the importance of Joe cannot be overstated, outstanding technician and a no non-sense hard ####).   Max is equipped to deal with whatever someone brings to the table.  

Stay humble and hungry Max.  Enjoyed watching you wrestle last year.  

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