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Annual Mojo Christmas Camp!


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    • This game didn’t go the way I saw it.  I thought Oakland would pull away late because of how physical and talented they are.  I just didn’t see Beech giving up like this.  Still have a running clock 4th quarter to play.  WOW!
    • Exactly. What has beech shown. Compared to Oakland scoring at will. The Oakland D has an answer for everything.    beech. Congrats on making it. Ran into a buzz saw.    would also like to see LA play Oakland lol  the dilfer bowl
    • If Beech were in the east they may have ended up 3rd or even 4th. Congrats to them on a good season.
    • Ocean,  Don't know but wanted to see it.  Had to leave cause we were done and wife and son were hangry after sitting in the gym all day.  I had said earlier that I thought he (Lowery) looked good at the Bearden preseason. Medina looks bigger and stronger than last year.   I thought the 195 and 182 classes brackets were fun to watch.  There were about 6 kids in each bracket that were tough and a couple more that are on the edge.  On another note,  the younger Finstad kid looked sharp at 113  for Gibbs. Him and the Stone Memorial kid had one of the best matches I saw, really good wrestling.  Crowd into it.   
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