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    • Does the lack of ref's stem from low wages? because TN is one of the lowest paying states when it comes to contest officials. I have heard some say due to fans and GA's not keeping the gym in order, but fans have been barking for years it hasn't just become a thing.  Middle school may should maybe consider moving contest to Monday or Wednesdays across the state and slot High school contest on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday there has to be away to help with the cancelations.    I did know that officials have to pay all fees which is a joke in itself. The summer camps they work only count for meetings and no training is really offered to them. I have seen the way Alabama high school association is ran far as the ref's side of things and it is a well-constructed model, and they offer them trainings and meetings all summer and fall ( TSSAA should take note)    I remember at the State Tournament last year there was 30+ fouls and in the boys' games a kid received a tech for dunking and hanging on when players were underneath him. I would think in games of that magnitude you should send the absolute best officials across the state not just picking from associations.  This needs to be looked into to help solve the issues
    • Naw I haven’t watched any but heard a lot about them by players and coaches. Sounds like they are a very talented team. I feel like we have did well against a lot of good running teams but yes Groves is a different animal.    offensively I think we can move the ball either running or passing. Pretty balanced offense. I do like the experience we have but still think the Indians will b ready. Should b a good game 
    • On mynet. Which is channel 226 on Comcast. 
    • What’s your thoughts on this match up ? Have you been able to watch any of East Robertson games ? 
    • He is the first one that popped in to my mind. He definitely could have ran a spread offense. I don’t remember if he had anyone to throw it to or not 
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