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    • You heard huh, exactly it was hearsay until it happened. I hear things all day everyday but until they happen it’s all hearsay. And it’s hard to be a “candidate” for a job until the job is actually opened, at least in the real world maybe not yours . So a program that is rich in tradition and talent since heck the 80s is supposed to “lower” its expectations right? Because nobody that is a really good Coach could possibly come in and win there right? Nobody could possibly start keeping Central talent home instead of it being poached to Powell and Bearden and private schools right? Nobody alive can do that according to you….well bad news for you bud it can be done, has been done and will be done again. Central will rise again, maybe not be in the state title game every year. But it will always be a playoff contender and a great school for football.
    • I have heard that several Bearden lifers are not very happy with jones bringing in all these recruits and doing his shaddy dealings.  How can anyone that grew up going to Bearden games since they were kids liking what he has turned the Bearden program into. a public school using private school recruiting is all it is.  Recruit a bunch of guys beat up on the not so good teams and fold when it the playoffs get tough.
    • Would, if I could!!  Defiantly against them cheaters!     
    • Also, credit given to West Tennessee High School Athletics  on Facebook for providing. @ReitzFan
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