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    • The refs blew the whistle almost every time down the floor. It made it very hard to watch. Hopefully they will never ref a 7aaa game again.
    • This is all fun for me. Love the trash talk. I can dish it out and I can take it. Part of it. But Treys success is not gonna be by me. His mother nor I pressure him to do this at this level. We do however when he goes to practice push him to take it serious and get the most out of it while he’s there. We have learned a lot since he started when he turned 4. Kid loves it and hates to lose. I ask him if he wants to go to Tulsa every year up to him and he says yes. He trains hard and those tourneys are fun for him. This journey we are on has created a lot of friends and met some great people and went to places he would have never went. But me wanting to live through him is not true at all. But I am addicted to wrestling with him. Love it and love being there daily. That’s where his friends are. So what people think of me has nothing to do with him. But I didn’t know if u had an issue with me since that post or two especially since I see you at tournaments watching Dillan. 
    • Agreed!  WC will refocus and win on Saturday!!
    • Upperman outplayed and out coached WC. Both teams will still make it to Murfreesboro. Let’s do it one more time in the finals next week!!
    • Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen to you! Its been awhile since wc lost a game. Time to refocus. 
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