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    • It should not really matter what High school program they are going to wrestle for they Represented TN very well.  7 total All-Americans in freestyle.    Also we all want to grow in the sport to better our state if we worked together instead of throwing shade at each other we could make that happen.    Coaches and Parents with egos only hurt the kids.  Iron Sharpens Iron. 
    • So now you fancy your self as a mental health expert? I hope you don't live in a glass house!
    • True, Middle TN has seen an explosion of FBS level talent. Jacoby might be the best playmaker I've seen in the secondary at Oakland, but I feel like there have been others who were much better DB's Oakland was so tough in '18 & '19 that I think they win those titles without James. Antonio Patterson was nearly as good and would have started just about anywhere else I wasn't sad when TD Blackmon and Tee Hodge graduated, those were some dudes
    • Centennial hires Marcel Williams to replace Bruce Hamilton as girls basketball coach. Williams, a former Austin Peay player, went 72-23 in three years at Brentwood.
    • I don’t have any idea but I doubt Hudson goes to Cleveland and no idea about Caroline except she wrestles out of Minion I thought instead of the usual HCWC
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