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    • That’s my exact thoughts and I was just saying that it really shouldn’t be listed as a stat cause it doesn’t come from stats. I wasn’t trying to rant or discredit the guys he was mentioning in the stats I was just voicing that a Mr football finalist really doesn’t play into the quality of player he is or talent he has. It’s just 3 more days and we will see who’s gonna walk away carrying that gold ball 
    • Bradley's QB was a Rhea County Transfer and ran Wing T formations till coming to Bradley. He was recruited by Miami of Ohio as a DB. But he did show enough skill at QB that if he had been in an offense that was more geared to passing for the previous 3 years, what could he have done? I thought Bradley's athletes were a competitive match for Oakland, but I was always concerned about both line's lack of size, in dealing with Oakland (Bearden and Maryville too for that matter). And without the line play to match Oakland, the athletes were negated to a large extent. I am not trying to say that we should have won here (even if we had the lines to match), but he who controls the line of scrimmage tends to win the ball game, no matter what level, no matter the athletes that make the glitter plays.
    • 1A- South Pittsburg  2A- Riverside 3A- Alcoa 4A- Pearl-Cohn  5A- West 6A- Houston D2 A- Middle TN Christian  D2 AA- Christ Presbyterian Academy  D2 AAA- Baylor 
    • 1A- South Pittsburg over McKenzie......by a couple scores.....without Pirate #0....flip a coin 2A- Decaturville over East Robertson.....by 1 to 1.5 scores 3A- Alcoa over East Magnet Nashville......the twisters score in the 40's again.....EN will need 5 more scores 4A- Pearl-Cohn over Upperman......by 3 or 4 endzone crossins 5A- Knox West over Page......score will look similar to 4A 6A- Oakland over Houston.......Houston will need min 30 pts..they only get 2 scores D2 A- Friendship Christian over Middle TN Christian School......in a shootout around 30's D2 AA- Christ Presbyterian Academy over Boyd Buchanan........the GOAT will endure his worse loss in ages...only by 2 scores D2 AAA- Baylor over McCallie......could be a FG win in a shootout in the high 20's low 30's   Best game- The Khaki wearin yuppy Thursday night Bloodblood game......and the one with the most college coaches present   thats a buncha Booger Pickins 
    • That's because we didn't know what we lost until we lost it. Coach Story was a great coach no doubt and very well likes but he wasn't a Ted Wilson that would go out and get kids to come to Maryville. He was really more layed back and very quiet off the field. 
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