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  1. Hey Tadvols. Long time. IMO, there are a number of kids in the Mechanicsville area that have gone to Bearden Middle, and that were zoned West, that wound up at Fulton. Fulton seems to have lost a little ground in the feeder programs to the Bearden, AE, and more recently (3-5 yrs.) West. Just my perception, but going back kids like Antonio Hamilton (Bearden Middle) played Baby Falcons, and went on up. The same just does not seem to be true today. Wagner was a bad example, and he certainly did wear out his welcome. Can't believe Coatney let back after he pulled that stunt right before the Alcoa game when they had Warren, Sykes, Sommer, Lanxter, White, Fiegler...and I don't think Cobb could get on the field. Had to toss Jock Stinson out there as a Frosh. Be good. Tell Road2Three, 4MySister, etc., hello. ruse?
  2. Rebelfan06. Not so sure about all of them. Kolinsky has a good motor, and a lot of experience, but he is not a D1 prospect. His cousin, Keenan was at CAK, but signed with Vandy for baseball. Tanner Thompson could be a prospect, @ kicker, but not LB. Reid would need to grow quite a bit to be considered for a D1 spot on the OL/DL, and or get lot faster in order to be looked at as a DE/LB. Sowell is a nice player. D1, probably at a non BCS school. SoCon, MAC, OVC, etc. As a team, West will have plenty of talent, probably get more on down the road too. Kids opting away from Fulton to West will help. Still, the vast majority of it will not be D1 talent. Also, West has had good talen in previous years. Both Childs, Jake Ryan, Kenny Esterly, Jack Wagner, Alan Whaley, Klotzbach, Saderfer, Cortez Drew, etc., and they still had trouble getting in the playoffs. Their district is loaded with good teams. I do think that West gets better as th year goes on, and they could upset some folks later in the year. They play both Bearden & Catholic in weeks 9, 10. ruse?
  3. I'll take the Top 22 from either Mitchell & Catholic & do well vs. most. Not enough depth with their enrollments. In Mitchell's case, they will need to come out of the gate faster than they did last year. They should with what they have back. Malone, Scruggs, Jenkins, Cole (who might be the best player in 2012). Catholic is basically playing in the equivilent of a 6A region with Farragut, Bearden, Maryville, Willam Blount. They also play Austin East, Webb, & Rhea Co. in non-district games. That said, while they both may be good 5A teams, they could both miss the playoffs. ruse?
  4. More teams in the playoffs = more $.
  5. Great news. One venue for fans to see them all on the same night. No offense to Central & Farragut, and I understand the construction issue, but the Jamboree @ UT is tradition, returned. ruse?
  6. rebel4life94. Why not? Its' May, new classifications, districts, and my opinion generally speaking, is not worth much. Dude, its' a message board in which a poster was looking for a "Early 5A Top 10." Hit us up with your thoughts, "Franklin, #1, Franklin #1, Franklin #1." ruse?
  7. Rumbling. IMO, The OL & skill guys will be good. New coach will create some excitement/passion, which has been missing. DL will be strong, & keep the LBs free. Really think they could be tough. Very sorry to hear about Coach Monroe's loss. ruse? Alcoa would be Top 5. Loaded.
  8. 1. Hillsboro. 2. Henry County. 3. Mitchell. 4. Knoxville Catholic. 5. Melrose. 6. Sullivan South. 7. Beech. 8. Centennial. 9. Knoxville Clinton. 10. Cleveland. ruse?
  9. WBIR in Knoxville. "A car crash in Kingston has claimed the life of 18 year old James Sams." I'd link it, but can't. Great kid. Best athlete is 2-3A last year. Carried the team.
  10. Heard he did well this past season @ West GA. The Wolves had a tough year, but will get back on track. I would venture a guess that Lindsey would have liked West GA over Coffeeville. I had also heard Hicks started down the West GA. path but that it did'nt work out. Heard from an old coach last night, asked him about Brian. Said he heard that he was only there a couple of weeks, and he thought that he was out of football. Shame, if true. ruse?
  11. BC. Sommers. AE, then to UT Martin, then ? Whuhappen? Thanks. ruse?
  12. Lambert is an outstanding coach. Did a great job at Onieda. Coached the East All Stars in The Toyota East-West Game this past year. Good man, X' and Os, and a gamer. Tough, and not afarid to change on the fly.
  13. Oh Catholic recruits. No financial aid, but they recruit relative to the term "recruit." Recruit = Marketing. Same thing Fulton, Ausitn East, Alcoa, Maryville do. Fulton, and more recently, AE have done a good job. Anderson Co. has also done well in this area over the last few years. See the downturn at Central, Powell, Halls? Alcoa/Mville, and the Open Zone have helped for a long time. Catholic like Maryville has built a very, very strong feeder program, and have some good talent. Being partial to Fulton, I have no love for them, but do respect them. They are as physical as anyone Fulton has played over the last four years. MoWest got drilled by them the last few if I recall. They will struggle this year because they have no coach/staff, play a 6A schedule, have no depth compared to the teams they play, and, well just because I don't like them. Knox West is pretty tough. They usually don't play well until later in the year. Early game should give the edge. ruse?
  14. Yup, little screen pass right before the end of the 1st 1/2 to Rogan set the tone for the rest of it. Have to say that Dennis Freeny was the difference that night though. Laid a couple of NASTY hits on Lanxter, and a good punt return. Really thought Alcoa was going to roll early when Sykes got off fast with a couple of sacks. Cleveland? ruse?
  15. BC. Thanks. I'm sure they will. Probably won't be like either of the last two. Somewhere in between with Alcoa on top, but then again Falcons at home, and the whole Thursday Night Game could help the Birds. Nevermind, I think the last televised night game at Bob Black between these two was the 06 thumping.Sykes, Martin, Hicks, Lanxter, Lindsey, etc. Cleveland? ruse?
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