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  1. I Hate Your Not Coming...And Dinner Would Be On Me. Take Care My Friend

  2. Can't deny that. It should be a good close game. If it ain't tho, I hope it lopsided our way.
  3. Mt. Pleasant by 67 or so. Just hate I won't be there to cheer the tigers on........ and see Butchies purty mug.
  4. Absolutely. Anytime you're around just hollar at me.
  5. Tigers Win!!!! Thaaaaaaaaa Tigers Win!!!! Maybe I can finally get that cheesburger and cold drink ode to me from a couple of years ago from someone in Trojan land ???????? I won't give you his name but his initials are Chunk _d,LOL And thanks Butchie! I always have thought you were uncommonly smart!!!
  6. Pulling for McKenzie!! Take it to the creekbank and leave it all their. Then move on to the Cumberland plateau and kick butt.
  7. It looks really great! How do they afford the upkeep? Are they the only ones that use it? Did they get a grant or someone left them a lot of money or what? The paint itself ain't cheap.
  8. Jo Byrns by 14 or so at least. Maybe more if WC doesn't play their best in the first half.
  9. Good luck to both teams. PC won't stop him! Maybe slow him down but probably not. JB 38 PC 20
  10. I just looked back and Mt. Pleasant was left off the original form. And a MP guy started it!!!!! What's up with that wholder???
  11. Hey Buc55 I know MP doesn't have the strongest team in the world but you don't even have us in your 1st round. We made it that far! At least put us loosing that game if nothing else. lol
  12. Well youngtiger i had every intention of giving you the burger but ..... i dont think you wanted it after the reffs that worked that game walked by it ... maybe double or nothing next year Go TROJANS Sounds good to me! Don't let me forget!!
  13. Preciate that TMT. Good luck to you guys! youngtiger.....Cascade11 said to hook up with you if I was to make it down that way tonight. He said you threw a pretty mean tailgate. Not going to be able to make it, but maybe if you all pull this one out, we invite you and wholder to ours next week! Good luck to both teams! Grunt....yeah that's pretty bad huh? Sounds good to me "Seven". To bad you can't make it.
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