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  1. I Believe that Dobyns Bennett will be the winner of this game.. Unlike last year they are the underdog team with a lot of weight they want to get off of their shoulders.. They will also remember the last match up between the two teams during regular season DB-21 Oak Ridge-14
  2. Who's goin to creep up on people like tn high did last year>
  3. I have seen both play defense.. McConnell is a little on the slow side.. But can play denfense.. Halvorsen can shut you down! That's just from what I have seen!
  4. I think the two teams will split.. they both are very talented and have tons of talent.. they both go to state!
  5. Dobyns Bennett also has a transfer from New York.. I saw them with him at King College this summer and he went right along with the team chemistry
  6. I think they could be just as good as the team last year
  7. Maybe cause i want to know.. You usually don't answer a question with a question
  8. I've heard many good players have quit.. will these players effect the outcome of the season record?
  9. Do they have a chance of being good?
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