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  1. Hardin Valley 1 Houston 1 - I was late and missed the first 20 min. HV was up by 1 and I never found out how they scored. Houston scored early in the 2nd half off a cross, #4 had a nice finish that was very tricky. Houston did a pretty good job with possesion. HV has a very dangerous team. Nick is very dangerous. When that kid turned it on, he was outstanding. He did seem to stick to just the his side of the field. If he and the other forward would play together instead of just left and right, then I don't see them getting shutout all year. They are a nightmare. Because Nick stayed to his side of the field I thought he was out of the game and had to look to check if he was on the field (10 min without a touch at times). If I'm him or his teammates I am working to make sure he touches the ball at least every other possesion. That is the only bad thing I can say about him and thats not that big a deal in high school, very easly fixed. For all I know it could have just been that one game it happened. I will see tonight. One of the top high school players I have seen. Probolly the most overall complete player I have seen, diff in the discussion. I left Bearden Germantown when Bearden was up by 3 in the second half. I loved the way Gtown came out and switched the field from one side and back to the other. They are a very talented soccer team. I have never been a big fan of Bearden or the way Turner plays. One thing holds true, D wins games. Bearden plays D from ALL 11 possesions. They are strong and fast. Speed kills and Gtown could not stop team. Gtown must have a new keep cause he looked unsure at times. With time and coaching he will get better. #7 was very fun to watch. Was involved in the attack almost every time. Very fast, great touch, understanding of space how to use it, great first touch, very nice passing, took Bearden's strong D on like it was nothing, and can shoot. If Gtown was as athletic as Bearden then they would be the top team to beat IMO, maybe maybe not.
  2. you guys wouldn't throw brentwood in the discussion to beat farragut? and why?
  3. wow how exciting! This is why the game is played. alcoa, i'm jealous that you guys have been apart of so many exciting games (even the ones that did not go your way). Sounds like a truly amazying season but it is not over, you still get a chance for two more close games.... best of luck on your game today. i am sure that is what is at focus, today's games.... akula is a true testiment to good coaching and i wish you the best of luck....
  4. Pinball, i agree (even though i am accussed of bashing and i apologize if i do) but convo could be more knowledge filled. on that note, what do you think of the state tourny so far?
  5. Fair enough.... consider it done. Now i say for tommorrow we will see bearden, brentwood, farragut, and cleveland advance..... tough choices. wish i knew more about the teams..... glad wheather should be nice. anyone gonna post updates while at the game?
  6. thanks pitch..... just getting a little whiplash. like i have stated in previous post, people have question my abilities before and i just wanted an explanation. if stud just wants to hide and belittle people then so be it. just wondering why he would refer to the tactics of easttnref...... BigG can we do something about stud? what i said might have been alittle to harsh but it was the truth. I have given credit where it is due. I don't care to discuss why i believe the way i believe but not while people just pick one part of my post and focus on it, while ignoring the rest (something stud has done to all my post he responded to). THEN, while responding to a half read post they deside to attack me AND THEN lie about it......... If you want to play fantacy and pretend stud then go play dungons and dragons. Don't hide behind a name and attack others. you demanded my credibility and then you lied about yours (played jv?????). Through reading your post the ONLY truth i can gather from them is that you are a soccer snob from the west side of town, if anyone makes any question about a great soccer program not playing so well you feel the need to act like a high schooler..... i do ask that BigG looks into this but as for me i am done with STUD. I will never belive a word you say, ever...... How's that for crediablity? you just lost all of yours in my eyes
  7. "Uc, You are "playing" college soccer, and still posting about high school soccer. ( taking the time to speak how bad it is) As for you competing at such a high level of club....we it made me smile "-soccerstud sorry but i knew something was odd. i knew something didn't add up these are all statements you wrote..... care to explain how you are not challanging my level of play?
  8. lol fair enough.... no hard feelings? i guess i just read your post wrong. thought you were asking for my crediability and that i had none. i only post because i love soccer and this is a part of my life (played in east tenn untill college). just understand that i want to see high school soccer in this area become better and have only tried to point out contructive critisizim (though it seems it has been mistaken for bashing high school). High school soccer is not what everone makes it out to be. is there talent? most definitly, but i think some glory is spread where it should not and credit is sometimes not given where it should.... to each his own.
  9. Onthepitch...... /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> thanks. anything to entertain others. stud, all in good fun, but i would really like to know why you think i have no crediblity......
  10. you know stud.... for some one who likes to point things out, you are really good at missing the whole point. do you have selective reading and the ability to read something that is not there? i said winner of kingsbury/cleveland for the title.... but will have to get past farragut..... farragut was never my pick (although i feel they probolly will when it all).... i have no crediablity when it comes to spelling or english (never claimed to), i will give you that, but it seems i have more credibilty in soccer then someone who hides behind a name and tells me that my college career is fake and that i have done nothing to earn any respect at the high school level. which to me is pretty funny, since you know me so well. someone who finished 7th in KIL scoring and second in their district from the outside mid position sounds like they did above average (well it would have to be because only a few scored more). oh and i didn't have a hat trick that year ethier (showing i scored in ALOT of games, pretty much ever game i played my senior year and not just on the bad, but the good to). Where is your credibility? i bet you watched alot of high school games in your day......
  11. I will not be there....... incognito /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> mjuhb i watch the throw-in video ever time i see your post and i laugh........
  12. Alcoa playing Cak in the finals..... Alcoa winning it all (go get it Akula). Only a prediction based on a feeling, no reasoning. good luck to all...
  13. i really do like farragut in this one.... but i have heard alot of good things from some other schools. i think kingsbury could be a shocker and i would like to hear them winning it all. Cleveland not loosing a game and putting themselves in position to win ever game is a very good upside. plus i hear they have a very solid D (helps in the tourny), but can they generate the Offense (we will see).... I'm going with the winner of cleveland kingsbury game to win state...... that is if they can find a way to hold off farraguts high speed attack that has been rainning goals here as of late..... tough choice and good luck to all
  14. That is a shame to draw the #1 seed three years in a row. that 04 farragut team was LOADED with talent. diffently in the discussion for best high school team ever, but not limited to just them.
  15. thanks kingoftheblurb... I still have one more year and i will try to make the most of it.
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