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  1. Maybe, like i said they just told me "a lot to a little, I think it was 15 or 16 to 3." They were there but said they didnt remember the exact score. Anyway I heard sycamore played pretty bad. They probably got worked up over the first game then blew the 2nd.
  2. sycamore lost both, they are done. I heard the score was: Sycamore-3 Cwood-15 person i was talking to wasnt sure of the exact score. "a lot to a little, something like 15 or 16 to 3"
  3. Thats cool. yeah everyone should consult tssaa handbooks first and that one is clear. some are not though. whole different topic.
  4. No misunderstand, i just misread. I looked up the middle school rule, just in the wrong section of the tssaa handbook =p
  5. so everyone who tries to get into liberty has their names put in a lottery. so say the best middle school player in the county doesnt get his name pulled in the lottery, he cant go to liberty? or do the coaches get him in?
  6. my bad, i looked in the wrong section. I read: RULE 10 – All coaches must be approved by the principal, superintendent, and/or local board of education. Any coach who is not a full-time employee of the school system and does not possess a teacher’s certificate or the equivalent or is not a retired educator must attend the TSSAA Coaches Training Session within his or her first year of assuming the position. A fine of $50.00 will be assessed to the school if the coach does not attend and he or she will be required to attend the next available meeting. All non-faculty coaches must complete the NFHS Coaches Education Program in a TSSAA- approved course within five years of assuming the position. Schools must submit the names of all non-faculty coaches to the state office each year. A school must pay an annual registration fee of $40.00 per coach. The maximum fee for a school to register non- faculty coaches will be $100.00 per year.
  7. You do not have to work at the school system. Also you do not have to have been a asst. coach for 5 years or retired. Just take the classes and you can be a coach. the 5 years thing you guys keep thinking of is: The coach must take the class with in 5 years of getting the job. HOWEVER a 50$ per year fine will be charged each year to the school until the coach completes it.
  8. I want to know his free throw secrets. do they spend an hour a day shooting them? ha.
  9. i'll be there. just going to see some good basketball.
  10. I dont have ties with either school. with that being said I thought it was a great game to watch. Gleason has amazing fundementals and a special talent from the line.
  11. ok it is on coacht sectional show. thanks. !!!
  12. wow is this live anywhere online?
  13. that is what they want everyone to believe for obvious reasons. (causing team fights etc.)
  14. it is the case... /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" /> and i dont know anything about the teams, but if that is true it is sad. I feel bad for them if they truly deserved it and others did not.
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