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  1. allsoccer

    All district team

    Who the heck picks these???
  2. allsoccer

    Club State

    in the u17 group, who else is playing? Isn't there another team from Chattanooga and Knoxville? I am hearing that MFC could beat the Arsenal and TNFC this year. What does anyone think about that??
  3. allsoccer

    Club State

    Is Tarr playing for TNFC! Should be a good game but Arsenal will win! Liverpool could lose to the Kickers, they are a very solid team. Impact is a definite!
  4. allsoccer

    D2 State Tournament

    Webb and Baylor will win this and Baylor will win it all
  5. allsoccer

    Hume-Fogg vs. ND

    ND wins! They got a big lift from last nights game!
  6. allsoccer

    Notre Dame vs. Catholic

    KCHS was by far the better team, tough, tough loss for them. But, a big congrats to ND, they won and they have a good shot on winning the whole thing. This game just proves that anyone can beat at anytime!
  7. CCS will win, there is not going to be a 5 peat. CAK hardly won last night and could not beat Catholic the 3 times.
  8. allsoccer

    AAA State Tournament

    Farragut is going down tonight and I belive Bearden will be upset too. This is not the year for the East Tn teams.
  9. Tough loss! Catholic was by far the better team! Best of luck to ND the rest of the way!
  10. allsoccer

    CPA/CAK game

    I agree, very strange. I'm not sure CAK would break bread if it was Webb or Catholic the night before a big game!!!
  11. allsoccer

    AAA State Tournament

    Didn't Hendersonville beat Farragut in last year semi's. If not them, who did Farragut lose to last year?
  12. allsoccer

    CPA/CAK game

    I see CPA upsetting CAK by a score of 2 to 1. CAK is playing inconsistent right now. If Brandon is a 100%, they might have a chance, but I do see CPA winning!
  13. allsoccer

    Notre Dame vs. Catholic

    KCHS beat ND last month in a very good game, ND used the excuse they just got back from spring break and were not prepared, they better be prepared this time. KCHS is playing excellent soccer right now. KCHS 2 ND 1
  14. allsoccer

    CAK vs. Catholic district championship

    Could either the CAK or the Catholic games be an upset? Does Seymour have a chance against the Irish? How about ALcoa against CAK?
  15. allsoccer


    WHat a ridiculous score! NO WAY will Farragut get 8 goals! Farragut 2 Karns 1