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  1. As mentioned above, this is all fake news. As I understand there is one issue in that there may not be a teaching position available for Chumley in the upcoming school year. That’s the reason for him applying elsewhere to my knowledge and not due to any issues among the staff. If he does move on, I’m sure there is another parent with a good player out there looking for a job so no worries
  2. The past couple of seasons, you could throw a blanket over positions 2-5. I agree with this finishing order on paper, but this year I think the parity blanket may get a little bigger. Coffee County rules again and I don't say this to be arrogant (just reality). With that said, CC has a Peyton Manning/Florida Gator problem when it comes to post season play. I would have said a Braves of the 90s complex, but they did win one WS. The regular season record over the past 3 seasons is phenomenal and I have enjoyed it. However, bottom line is, teams are judged by results in late Feb/early March and CC has little to show for their mountain of wins. I'm not saying anything JPC and the Lady Raiders don't know already and its not a criticism, its just the way it is. Can Columbia fight to the top half of the standings? Can Shelbyville fight off FC to stay out of the cellar? Can CC "survive and advance?" Those are the 3 questions I look most forward to answering next year.
  3. I saw him play probably 4-5 times over the course of his career. Sometimes there is a fine line between "hotdog" and confidence. He danced all over that line for sure, but he was really fun to watch. I had forgotten the name until I saw it just now. I feel really old suddenly.
  4. Whoa. Angry little person aren’t you? Going from from high school girls basketball to state/national politics is one of the bigger jumps I’ve seen here. I haven’t seen you post on here in a long time. What triggered you snowflake? It’s more than CC basketball obviously.
  5. Sometimes you need just a little luck to make it past regions. CC hasn’t gotten it the last two years. In both cases, events from district tournaments the week prior put CC in the position of having to play probably the best team from 7AAA before the region final. Last year, it was their own fault drawing Riverdale in the semis. This year, they took care of their business in the district tournament and got rewarded with Blackman with Riverdale waiting should they win. CC has been a top 2-3 team in Region 4 for two years now. Things just haven’t bounced their way. As for the drive by from the Tullahoma person, CC didn’t choke. Gave Blackman all they wanted. When you’re sent home Monday, remember Tullahoma’s 1-10 record against CC over the past four years and enjoy.
  6. I’m trying to be gentle here and not offend my 8AAA people, but if you’re going to see one game, see CC/Blackman. The 7AAA tournament didn’t end the way most thought and could open up a small chance for an upset, but CC is most likely to be competitive and advance.
  7. Lincoln County was definitely a head scratcher this year. I’m know there are things that happen behind the scenes that affect teams from year to year, but I think most would agree the season was a big disappointment for them. Tullahoma too for that matter. On paper, both should have been better this year vs last. Tullahoma still has a chance. Maybe a very small one, but this time of the year that’s all you want.
  8. Thanks for that response. I took that original post wrong, like you were taking a swipe at our boy down here. You don’t see many coaches who love it like he does. We are proud of him.
  9. I assume that was some attempt at comedy with a dose of sarcasm. No statues that I am aware of, but he has done a good job at CC. No one will argue that he has been blessed with some talented players and a solid group to work with. That said, no one works harder to promote his program than JPC. The gym is full most nights and that hadn’t been the case before his arrival. Credit him for restoring some excitement and enthusiasm to the girls basketball program. Admittedly, 8AAA is not as strong as it once was, but with the exception of one upset last year, CC has dominated the district since his arrival. He has attempted to schedule tougher teams to better prepare them for play beyond the district tournament and we will see how things go over the next few weeks. Not girls related, but the CC boys clinched the regular season championship as well on Monday night. Coach Micah Williams has also been a blessing to CC basketball. After losing the 2019 district POY to graduation, the boys team has also not disappointed this season. CC is blessed right now with both teams playing at a championship level. Good luck to both heading into tournament play.
  10. No worries LRD. We are on the same team. I can be cranky some nights. Lol
  11. I’m not sure what you’re even saying, but I don’t need to look again as nothing I said was inaccurate.
  12. 8AAA did that as recently as 2018. Girls champ on Monday and Boys on Tuesday. Agree that is much worse than this scenario. I just wish they would let me plan it. Lol
  13. I missed it. Where can I see the list of finalists?
  14. If the bracket I saw on Thunder Radio is accurate, only the "play in" game is off site. The rest of the tourney is in Fayetteville. Also, it looks like the boys play first on Championship Saturday. First time I remember that happening. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I do wish they would play the boys/girls championship games back to back. I think you would get better crowds that way vs having consolation games in between.
  15. Thanks. Love the gym. Hate the ride over.
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