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Everything posted by DHSFB64

  1. Bears 12 - 7 Congrats Trezevant Awesome defense !! Congrats Trojans on a great season you gave it all you had ...
  2. ================================ WOMG good luck to the Cats !!
  3. ========================================================= Appericate your voice of reasoning BPM ..// hope the rain holds off , young men are ready ,safe travels to all , injury free game // GO TROJANS !!
  4. -------------------------------------------------------- ::::::: + 10 Comment of this thread ............ Fixed it fer you .barb
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------- TSSAA doesnt permit LIVE on air television for playoff games ...
  6. Gongrats Giles !! hoping we Dyersbug meet up with ya.ll in week 4 of playoffs !!
  7. Congrats Trojans !!! On the win ..keep this Train on track ..
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------- appericate the shout out BPM !!! and Go Tech !!
  9. ---------------------------------------------- Im with you on that dhs !!! I believe we both will win tho Dburg nor Liberty are the favs
  10. Take care of business , Betsy !!! .. hey barb ,you making the game ?
  11. ------------------------------------------------------- slapper ..why do you take all commnets out of context ?? ../.no one is bashing your team .players. coaches or fans ....lighten up my friend ..much respect to NS
  12. ------------------------------------------------- Was lookin forward to another Trojan / Charger head- knocker ..
  13. --------------------------------------- -WOMG good luck .. Im rootin fer yall to knock off the birds ..eat A fish sammich fer me watchin that outstanding PC band ..,
  14. 'dhstennis ,Liberty fans take their first blows and trash talkin proving your not afraid and are in this for 1 reason only ..TOO WIN ..after seeing your exposive O in win over Craigmont should give them plenty to worry about stoppin yall making their D null and void ...theyll have to score in bunches to win and I for one dont believe they can .. GOOD Luck hopin to see yall week 3 of playoffs in Dyersburg !!
  15. 'dhstennis' I agree its the most balanced quad where any team can beat the other on any given nite .. kinda blew my mind Craigmont got the 4 seed after week 10 after being seed 7 before the games were played ...good luck playing them ...i suppose yall will play them at Raeigh where they usually play their home games ..doesnt feel like a football game playing there ..expect the ball will be pass pass pass with the Chiefs but ya never know ..... Trez just might get a surprise.with Haywood ; then again any of the games may be surprises
  16. -------------------------------- I know what you mean 'barb' . 99 % of posters seem to know nothing but texting style when commenting ..i hate it !!!
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