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    Coaching Football, wrestling, and Track.<br>Listening to music and exercising. <br>I also enjoy watching the greatest television show ever mad. for those of you who do not know yet it is the Simpsons.
  1. when will you CPA haters actually get a pair and write a formal complaint to TSSAA? Being successful is a great recruiting tool. If you have proof that a kid was recruited illegally , then turn him in. If CPA is breaking any rules, then I will support any punishment of CPA.
  2. as long as the person recieving the snap is 7 yards deep then the line can wear any #. i.e punt formations.
  3. I played on CPA's very first varsity football team as a freshmen. I was a junior when we went to our very first playoff game vs. Trousdale County. I played fullback at TennesseeTech. I now am the special teams coordinator for a school in conyers, Ga called rockdale County high School.
  4. wheelz44

    field turf?

    I played ball in tennessee but now i coach in the atlanta area. There are many teams down here who have torn up their grass and gone to field turf. Does anyone know of any schools in tennessee that have field turf, or are planning to install the new turf soon? I love it and it allows your program to save money in the long run. i.e. no mowing, painting, patching holes, etc.
  5. I agree. even though they were a 1a school they had a bunch of talent. David Latimer and Johnny Shields went to Furman Cooper Wallace and Steven Ross went to Auburn Brian Stone went to Florida then transfered to Furman James Corder went to Memphis. that is 3 D1 athletes and 3 D1aa athletes. not bad for a 1a size school. oh and by they way...they started at CPA before the school even had football so forget the recruit rumors. i also thought The Riverdale team with Alvin Duke was pretty awesome as well. Along with the 96 Brentwood Academy teams.
  6. Fisher, Landers, who else. Is pollock getting any looks.
  7. Travis Sikes of CPA is my choice for wr with Turner lining up at the other reciever. Coker at RB.
  8. I want CPA to win bad, but i know whether win or loss there will be a rematch in the playoffs. And we all know how hard it is to beat a tema twice.
  9. I do not live by the AP polls, but i do respect the fact that unlike a lot of the people whining about who should be ranked, the AP press is made up of journalists with college degrees. I would be interested to know how many people blabbering about their own school have journalist degrees. My next point is i would love to see a poll where every one who voted could not vote for their own school. Then we could see what team is really viewed as being #1.
  10. The one with Joey BReedlove terrorizing the Defense PA Joey
  11. I always pull for CPA boys. Coach Wade knows what to do to beat Ezell. Good luck Bears.
  12. Do not count out the running game. The team who can run well usually wins in tight games. If I were CPA I would use the running game early to wear down a pass rush and free up recievers.
  13. Luke Landers from CPA is a pretty good back. I am not too familiar with any others in the area. Id like to know how many rbs are being recruited out of williamson co.
  14. I believe you always put your best 11 on defense first. after that you decide who can play both ways and who cant.
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