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  1. When 75% of member schools vote to split in 2002, and the board of control, legislative council, and Uncle Bernard decide on their own that there will not be a split, you call that majority rule. DougS, I really do not understand what your point is other than you just support the private schools in DI with a blindfold on. That is not majority rule, it is T$$AA exerting power over the public with out any oversight from a higher power. Self police? Maybe that is what the T$$AA is doing, no that is what THEY ARE DOING! You seriously do not think that colleges and universities turn each other in? You are not really looking at the HS public vs private situation realistically!
  4. I vote for BIGDANTEAGUE FOR T$$AA PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The advantage of a private school playing in the public league is that the private school recruits from where ever they can and a small public has to play with who is in their defined school district/zone or what ever you want to call it. (We can have an open zone/semi-private school discussion anytime later, I think that they have the same advantage as a private, but lets just keep it totally private and not semi-private right now). I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO SAY THAT PRIVATES IN DI DON'T RECRUIT, BUT THEY DO. T$$AA JUST DOES NOT WANT TO INVESTIGATE EVERY RECRUITING RULE VIOLATION THAT IS REPORTED TO THEM. IF THE T$$AA WAS SERIOUS ABOUT ENFORCING THEIR RULES THEY WOULD HAVE A SATELITE OFFICE IN KNOXVILLE, JACKSON, MEMPHIS, THE BURO, AND CHATTANOOGA. THEY DON'T WANT THAT BECAUSE UNCLE BERNARD AND THE T$$AA MAFIA WOULD LOOSE ALOT OF MONEY, PLUS THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE PRIVATES (THEY FEAR A LAWSUIT LIKE BA SLAPED ON THEM BACK IN THE DAY. THEY ARE ALSO AFRAID OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE MEDIA, JUST TO NAME A FEW. GRACE IN KNOXVILLE WAS CHEATING AND ALL THE GOT WAS A SLAP ON THE RIST AND THEY KICKED THE KID OUT OF SCHOOL WHEN HE BECAME INELIGIBLE. THEY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE DEATH PENALTY, SENT TO THE REGIONS OF BIG BOY BALL IN DII INSTEAD OF BEATING UP ON THE small publics. Put T$$AA under control of the state legislature or governors office and things will change. We will get back to the democratic policies of majority rule.
  6. And another thing, why don't all of you privates help out your brothers in DII. They have to travel all over the state for a game. You all could really help them out. I think it is a little two faced to not join them in their division. Just work harder like the private supporters tell the publics. Don't you privates in DI tell your kids about hard work and playing against the best competition? You all have no problem telling the publics how to act. I really have not seen anyone on the DII part of coach t saying that they don't want you private playing in the public division schools to not man up and join them!
  7. Who says this is not a rule, just you. Does the National federation of High school sports recognize the other high school sports associations championships in Tennessee. And what about the oversight by the state legislature or the governor, do you have an objection about that ? Why are the privates so scared of playing their own kind of schools. I wish the publics would bolt and form their own association. I support privates that play by their own rules like MUS, Webb. BA, ECS, Ensworth, St Georges, and all of the rest of the privates that are man enough to play by the private school rules in DII. I could care less if they recruit as long as the publics don't have play them for a championship. Private schools in DI don't have an argument to stay in DI. They are really just afraid of playing Webb.
  8. The solution to the T$$AA being able to run the show with out anybody having any control over their decisions or their members decisions or their legislative council or their board of control members decisions is to make them subject to review by the state legislature of the state of Tennessee. If the public schools can show Uncle Bernard that the state legislature or the governors office will have oversight over Uncle Bernard's decisions and the rest of the T$$AA mafia decisions then you will have the T$$AA mafia and Childress dictatorship doing what they should be doing, running T$$AA like a democracy and not a dictatorship. What ever happened to the theory of the will of the people (public schools) vs the will of a few rich and privileged (private schools). We have TWRA that has control over fish and wildlife that is a state agency that is subject to the state legislature, but we have an agency (T$$AA mafia) that has control over humans lives and they have total control over their own actions with out any oversight from the state legislature or the governors office. T$$AA makes the majority of their money from public schools that are funded by state taxes that are appropriated by the state legislature. Where is the oversight. Let the private schools leave and have their own association. There are other high school sports associations in Tennessee that have championships. Let the privates go and compete for their own championships. If their association or championship is not recognized by the National Federation of High School Sports, and that is why the privates don't want to leave the T$$AA because of that reason, then there argument to keep playing with the public schools IS ALL ABOUT CHAMPIONSHIPS. Uncle Bernard and the rest of the T$$AA MAFIA will tell everyone concerned that it will be total heck if the T$$AA is taken over by the state government. What they fear is the state having control of their money and power. What they really fear is another lawsuit like Brentwood Academy slapped them with back in the day. Face it, Uncle Bernard and the T$$AA ARE AFRAID OF THE PRIVATE SCHOOLS BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY GOT IT HANDED TO THEM BY BRENTWOOD ACADEMY.
  9. Sorry about that slip up in spelling. English was not a strong point at Bluegrass, plus we skipped to go fishing a lot. Plus Starz post are so entrusting tat I em loosing mi ablity too spells.
  10. What took so long stars? Now my cover is blown and the Mafia will be after me. I am shaking, and don't know what to do. Maybe COACH Twill protect me from the Mafia. OK Stars, send anybody but peep vol, he is so scary! You have to admit though, Stars the parkway did make your garbig runz eazer . You will never hav to by a big Jon boat to get across Ft. Nasty. But you could start up Wrights Ferry and Lowes Ferry agin and get some of those boys from Red Hollar, Rocky Hill, and Bluegrass, I herd they was pretty tuff.
  11. So that is what the slant man and all of his Alcoa buddies do after the game!
  12. Seems that a few privates that play on the publics dime (they play DI), are saying that if there is a split that they want it equitable, for example we don't want to play schools our size like Webb and Ensworth. What ever happened to the theory of work harder and quit whining like the privates playing in DI always throw in the small publics face. Kind of different when the worm has turned on the other side. But don't worry little privates, Uncle Bernard won't make you play Webb, and Ensworth would not even bother scheduling you. Plus he won't throw the open zone semi privates in with you. He does not want the privates leaving and taking all their money to their new association. I don't think the T$$AA has the backbone to make the right decision and split public and private, so the publics should present their plan for their own association to the media after T$$AA makes the wrong decision and does not make the split.
  13. I guess you went through the same computer program as the slant man at Alcoa and just skipped English.
  14. If T$$AA does not do the right thing and make the privates quit riding the public school train for free, publics need to form their own association and end this power for money game the T$$AA has been running for too long.
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