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  1. Obviously your people knew what was up...exciting times indeed!
  2. Very. Either way I hope it turns out alright.
  3. From what I'm hearing, I would be surprised if it wasn't Derrick Vestal.
  4. I think hiring Vestal is one of the better things they could do. He has the respect of the team already and could get more kids to come out and play ball.
  5. Was this just a way to have another response? Just wondering since you gave your prediction in the post literally right above that one...
  6. I'm so proud of the boys. They showed great effort and it payed off! Great job guys!
  7. Nah, man. Most of us would be happy being like Meigs or Greenback!
  8. I'm not sure either team can score much on offense. What worries me is having seen Loudons defense make teams pay for turnovers...because Central is REALLY good at turning the ball over.
  9. I was at the Loudon Sequoyah game. Most of Loudons point came from defense and special teams. They had a kickoff return for a td and 2 interception returns for td.
  10. I will take Loudon. Central definitely still has fight, I'm just not sure they can score enough to keep up with Loudon.
  11. 1. 100% positive he didnt as it is family. 2. Telling parents at a parent meeting to delete his number from their kids phone seems extreme, but it happened. Also, not bashing character or family life, I just feel that coaches have extra responsibility. 3. Agree. I wish administration at the high school and central office understood how important athletics can be to a student in developing character, teamwork, etc. With new admin coming in soon, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Also want to apologize if I seemed rude or uncivil. Completely didn't mean to come off that way, just a little passionate about the kids (as I can tell you are too).
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